Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Listen up peepos, this is an opportunity for you to become a music superstar. WHY?! Because POLO ROCKS!!! 

This event is all about being bold. It's about living life the way only you would dare. It's a challenge and an oppurtunity for you, the music superstar wannabe, to step up to the mike and own the stage.But... Are you Polo enough? ;)
Audition for Polo Rocks! and win more than just superstardom. It might be a great start for you towards something bigger than you could ever imagine.
 You can come over for the audition whether in Solo act or Band. Volksawagen is hooking you up with up to RM200K worth of fantastic prizes including your own professionally produced album. C'mon the bathroom singer, you can finally try to sing to the public and might fulfilled your dream to be a recording artist. So get your ass to the audition and lookout for the location near you.It's happening nationwide from 13-31 November. Get ready to rock!!!

And for fans and listeners, it's a chance to come out and support your favourites. Watch some of the audition videos HERE! on Polo Rocks! Facebook page.

Polo, The World Car of the Year 2010!!

If you are gonna be so lucky to get into the Top 10 finalist, you would get a Token prize and RM1,000 given to the 10 finalists!!! LOL!!! (I'm so sorry for being so money-minded, I'm just so realistic like that.)

Contest is opened to all Malaysians below the age of 30 only. Terms and Conditions applied. ;)
This event is organized by Volkswagen.

Be inspired. Be prepared. Check on where and when will the next audition held on Polo Rocks! Facebook page. View Events tab for more info. Good luck. ;)

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ken said...

i watched the ad, looking so cool :)