Thursday, November 4, 2010

4th November,2011 (Uniqlo opening day)

Passed by Uniqlo, thought of going in, but sadly we need to queue to get in. I'm kinda envy when I see people around carrying the Uniqlo plastic bags, but still... I knew it might takes bout hours for us to get in. And so, I gave up and went to Pavilion. Before that, I went around the whole Sungei Wang to hunt for shoes, at the very last minute before I fly to Hong Kong. As what I heard, Hong Kong is getting colder, and now I only got sandals with me. My foot might get cold and become ice bar I could not go shop like a crazy woman. x)

Well, there's a lot of pretty flats, but stupid mind keep controlling me not to buy flats like that. GO HUNT FOR OXFORDS SHOES!! I'm totally disappointed with all the shoe shops la, why you sell all kind of shoes but not Oxfords?! :(  Well, I did found two shops that sell Oxfords, but December don't have my size already. The other one, they have size 40, but still tight. I really wanna buy it, but I scared I might suffer the pain while others enjoy shopping. IDONTWANT!! So I gave up on Oxfords (like finally), I get myself to Cotton On to buy their shoes.FANZIN!!

Fashion Week ;)
The shoe is rm49. 
But now, you could get it as low as rm29 with any purchase.
So I bought their charity bag rm5, then I actually save 20 for the shoe (:

Well, I just gotta say I never seen KL this crowded before. Everyone is lining up, not for Iphone but Uniqlo. And Uniqlo FTW, cause you're affordable. x)

So I'm home now, instead of packing, I'm still doing nothing.
Now I'm only facing a problem, that is I still haven't receive my parcel of contact lens I bought online. It must be Poslaju again. Dayyummm!! How can a poslaju not laju at all?! Now I needa spend another 50 to buy contact lens at the optical shop nearby. SIGH!!'

F*ck Poslaju T_______T


Went Jusco with mom to get my contact lens, and mom got appointment for signing. Before that, while I was accompanying mom to wait for her customer at the main door, we saw a dog coming in and it almost get sandwiched by the sliding door. And then it get in to the mall(!!) Everyone eyesight on it, and then all the shopkeepers walk out and look where it goes. LOL.
The funniest thing is, no one dare to touch it, and there's about 8-10 security guards who try to chase it out. Then the Starbucks manager can think of no other way, but just take out a muffin from the shop to lead it out from the mall. And I think I'm the only girl who really wants to touch it. I wonder why don't they just carry it out instead of scaring it and makes it more fierce.
Then I don't know what happen. But they managed to chase it out, and they never open the glass door already. LOL.

Nahh, I know you won't believe me, this is the proof. =P

That guy in black is the Starbucks manager before he spare out muffins. lol

I'm home now, and I shall really start packing. Toodles!! =P


Lynnie said...

Hope you have a nice trip ^^

SIM YEE said...

omg a dog in a complex! wonder wat was that dog trying to do..

Chuen said...

I have the same cotton on shoes xD
Have fun in HK! more fashionable stuff to buy there :)