Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hong Kong Day Two (Part One)

Today will be raining heavily. Bring your umbrella and wear more jackets. The weather is turning cold. And... I don't know how to do a weather forecast speech. That's the current weather forecast. Have a nice day. LOL!!

I think we look a lot like sisters v(^_^)
Firstly, if you have not read the first post. HERE you go!! :)
We had our breakfast at the hotel. If you were to pay for the buffet, its $88 per person. And the thing is, the food isn't fantastic at all. So I think it will be so much better to have your breakfast out there.Haha!!

 Ohh, for those who watch the HK series you will know this street. Haha!!

The cute sisters, again :)
For the second day, we took MTR from Hong Kong station to the Tung Chung Station. For the people who wanted to go Disneyland, you can take the MRT to the Sunny Bay Station. The station is an interchange station between the Tung Chung Line and the Disneyland Resort Line to the Hong Kong Disneyland. Errr, and that is all I know, cause I didn't stop by that station. And I didn't get to go to Disneyland. Because I couldn't sacrifice my shopping time for Disneyland. Plus, Halloween is over. So I convince myself that, there's nothing much interesting liao. So don't tell me how much I missed for not going to Disneyland.

Before that, get yourself an Octopus card(pink one). You can buy it from the airport.

This is to remind you not to eat in the transit. ;)
 Then she did pole dance during the ride. Haha!! x)

And then we reach Tung Chung Station. And stopped by at a bakery shop to buy ourselves some Polo Bun (菠萝包). It is really nice, and if you see any cafe or restaurant in Malaysia selling it, please don't buy them. CANNOT FIGHT at all!!! Epic fail. Save the money and fly to Hong Kong to have one. LOL!! (I'm sorry, I must be the most fail travel blogger on earth. I always forget to take important photos. So no Polo Bun photo for you.) But I got you the bakery's. x)

Well, Aunty Eva said this is still not the best Polo Bun. So you can still find some other shop to try their Polo Bun. Ohh, and now I'm craving for Polo Bun. :(

Next, from the Tung Chung station, it is also a transfer point for those who wish to use the Ngong Ping Cable Car. To be honest, I did not enjoy the trip to Ngong Ping to see the Big Buddha. Because it was raining heavily, and mom forget to bring the umbrella along, so we need to buy their super expensive raincoat. I couldn't remember how much was it, but it is pricey because they have their own designed raincoat, which makes you looks like a penguin walking under the rain. Buhhhh :(

MummyLove!! Heh!! <3
The rainy day spoilt a good trip. Can't even see the beautiful scenery of the Lantau Island from the cable car. :(

Ohh, and they provide the photo taking service also. Which cost you about $100+. Lol. But my mom bought also. Cause the boss don't even mind to pay. Claim for the company. =P

There you go. From left to right: Me, Mrs Tan, Aunty Eva, Mr Tan (Boss), the brother and mom. :)

Nahh!! Big Buddha.
Look!! She looks like a penguin with the raincoat on. Lol. Super cute. Unlike me, I look like an over tall penguin monster. *slaps slef*

And here you go our vain pix. Gosh, I just love these kids, as vain as me. x)
And that's it. This post is so short, because I didn't take much photo of Ngong Ping because its raining and half of the folder for day2 pix are our vain pix. So, before I blast the readers mind with all the vain pix, I combined half of our vain pix into one. Lol.
Ohh, and if you're going to Ngong Ping, try their taufu fa. I didn't try, but Mr Tan says it's good. So now I regretted, again. wtf.

Stay tuned for part two of day two. We will be going to Tai O Fish Village. ;)

And here's a sneak peak. ;)

love, J.


alvinontherocks said...

I still have my Octocard laying around somewhere in the books as a bookmark under the dust. :p

Love the 'vain pix' set you made as well... haha!

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Rachel Melody said...

i love their polo bun.... is taste great... difficult to find back the taste at msia

Your Humble Servant said...

Stikk HK fever huh :) yea it's a nice place. is it expensive there?

♥ JOANN said...

Alvin: Thanks Alvin. :D

Rachel: I know right. Its just to good and unforgettable. Lol.

YourHumbleServant?!: Yeahhh, there's more to come. Haha x) HK is indeed a nice place. But the things are kinda expensive for us Msian. But it wouldn't be any problem if you work there. They give good pay. :D