Monday, November 29, 2010

Hong Kong Day Two (Part Two)

If this is the first time you reading my blog, you must have missed a lot about my Hong Kong trip. Nahh, not exactly. But start reading from FIRST post and SECOND post first. Thankiu, Iloveyou. ;)

So I got no idea why I pose like that. Geezz

So from Ngong Ping we took a bus to the Tai O Fish Village. Then we had our super duper awesome lunch in this restaurant. Lin Heong it is. :)

Guess what we had for the lunch..

Buddha jump over the wall a.k.a 佛跳墙
The ingredients:
Chicken feet, shark fin, deer muscle, abalone and etc. (and again, I'm the worst travel blogger. I forgotten what they have. But I can tell you that it is really OH-SUM!!!! But not everyone can get it, cause you needa book one or two days before, and it is a set. They don't sell it separately, or you call it Ala-carte. But I don't know the number, so I'm sorry. T_T)

The crab. I almost forgotten how nice it tasted. Awwww!!
Sticky Char Siew Rice a.k.a 叉烧糯米饭
The rice is so nice and I remember I picked most of the peanuts. Lol.

Ermm, I kinda forget what is this. Almond paste or Walnut paste? =<

Owhh!! And you can get fresh seafood here!!! NOM NOM!!

Tortoises somewhere in the alley.
This photo reminds me that I didn't take any photos with mommy. :(
Mr Tan & Mrs Tan. Ohh, spot that cute lil baby with polkadots jacket :D
'JIE JIE!! SEE!! See got DUCK!!!' LOL
Burhhh~ :( This is the second stall I saw selling Gai dan zai, then I didn't buy it, again. Stupid max.

He's doing prawn paste.
Then for the whole day my brother is doing the MJ move. ==
Everywhere in the village I can this. So tempted to try but I was really full that time.
 Goshh, look at these sisters. Sleep anytime, anywhere. Lol
I want piggy back also, but I'm... too... BIG.="(

Then again, from Tai O we took a bus back to Tung Chung. It takes about an hour ride. And there we can go for shopping. They have most of the Brands Outlet here. We bought quite some stuffs, and mommylove is super happy because she bought the most. Like 8 pieces in that freaking 30 minutes with Aunty Eva. They said they wanna go to the toilet, but ended up sneaked to a boutique while we were having our dinner. Lol.

Owhh, we had our dinner at Food Republic in the mall. Why is everything in HK good? Even the food in food court also... ISH!!! LOL

My zap jeong min 杂酱面

And as what I observed in that 4 days, I think HK people likes to eat noodles with vinegar. And their vinegar is not black, it is red-ish. And guess what, it is a lil sweet and it is really nice to eat with noodles. :D
There you go. Spotted a leng zai.
My brother saw him first. Then he keep pulling me and say, 'Chuang!! See!! Yen-J!!' LOL. But honestly, he looks better than Yen-J.

Then after our meal, me and the kids are back to do what we did best, and here you go some of our vain pix again. HAHA!! And luckily this time we have my brother as our photographer. :)

I love this most. <3

HAHA!! Kawaii max.

Then from there we took MTR back to HK station. :) And again, from the Central we walk back to the Mid Level. Lol. But this time is so much better, because the escalators are still working. 

Other than pubs, bars and peoples. You can see cabs everywhere in Lan Kwai Fong.
Owhh, and if the bars are full, they don't even mind sitting at the steps outside.
And yes you see, escalators all the way from Lan Kwai Fong to upper hill.
The roads are slanting. Imagine how you're gonna walk up without escalators.
The area we stay have a lot of estate agencies.
And if you plan to work in Hong Kong, don't even bother to buy your own property, because its super expensive compare to Malaysia. But as what I know, their pays are quite high. Cause even a cleaner get $5k a month. (Have I mentioned that before?) How I know? Because the first day we saw some cleaners cleaning the escalators and we had some short conversation with them while we were resting to continue walk up the escalators back to hotel. And they think Malaysians are friendly, because we are. So Malaysians who plan to go there, don't spoil our image. Be friendly. xD

And that's the end for day two. ;)

Stay tuned for day three and four. Lol. Which I don't know how long it might takes. But just stay with me.

Sneak peak ;)

love, J


Jon Wong said...

Hey Joann, why not you try out for Project O&O? They are now receiving entries and you could be in the hopes of becoming Malaysia's Youth Ambassador. You've got the looks and the brains! :) See you there!! Check out

Kahmon said...

Well, family trip with kids is always the BEST!! XD

♥ JOANN said...

Jon: Well thanks. The contest is really good. But I'm not really into this kinda contest which I needa submit some requested entries. But, I will try my best. Haha. :D

Kahmon: EXACTLY!! x)