Friday, November 19, 2010

Landing In Hong Kong :)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We like to welcome you onboard Preloved flight to Hong Kong. Flight duration is around four entries and we are expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight.

The clouds look as fluffeh as marshmallows.
Don't you think watching sunset at the same point of view is really awesome?

Usually I will be worrying what to do during that 4 hours flight, you know its really suffering to just sit and do nothing for 4 hours. But unlike last time, there's two cutie babies to accompany me. And the best thing is they are PHOTOGENIC!!! But they are too active and most of their photos are blur.

Cute sisters  + half-face me.
My brother really fail to be a photographer. :(

Aunty Eva's Red Snoopy bag. *so lovely!!!*

Super kawaii. LOL
Waiting to pick up luggage. :D

Stupid brother.
She looks so happy. So cute :D
NAHH!! The first cab we saw once we reach HK. LOL

The over excited brother?! O.O
Its at Mid Level, Robinson Road.
Landed Hong Kong at 8:30pm. Reached hotel at 9:30. Had our dinner at 10:30. And then supper at 11:30. LOL.
Owhhh!!! And for your information, had our first try of snake soup that night. Convinced by Mr. Tan, momma's boss. He tried and goes all the way, 'Whoaaa, nice.. Very good. yadayadablablabla'

Snake soup.

This is the shop. I forgot where exactly it is, but I know its around Times Square.
They have this Bubble Tea shop next door.
(Its at Causeway Bay if I'm not wrong.)
 And the bubble tea is really expensive weihh!!! Its HK$32 a cup. I will stick with Chatime!!!

The very nice 炖蛋!!

翠苑甜品专家 Tsui Yuen Dessert

They have another dessert which have walnut paste with the stewed milk(核桃炖奶). Its nice also.
Oh dayummm!!! I'm torturing my stomach for the update sake. Why? Why I do this to myself for you readers? Damn, you better appreciate it!!! T____T

This is what they call the Ting Ting Bus.
Took a ride on this from Causeway Bay to the Central.

And guess what, from there we walk our way to Lan Kwai Fong and then all the way back to our hotel, which is actually quite a distance without the escalator service. Unfortunately, we were really late, and the escalators were off at 12am. So we had a very long walk from the Central to the Mid Level. We were all exhausted. Phewww~ =P

Stay tuned people. ;)

With love, 


ken said...

i wish to go to HK one day :)

M-Knight said...

ya HK so wan to go there

♥ JOANN said...

Ken: I wish to go again!! :D
M-Knight: I bet that you wanna go Lan Kwai Fong. x)

Ph1l1p said...

happy trip if you get back to HK :D

sirei said...

i tried the stewed milk and it's so unforgettable! :d

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

got to get there on day

Lynnie said...

Did you went to the Ocean Park?
It's very fun lol.

Your Humble Servant said...

Wow hong kong. Is everything cheap there? or just like another singapore?

SIM YEE said...

I'm going there next year!! Recommend more hong kong food kay...

♥ JOANN said...

ph1l1p:Well I wish I will get back there soon!!

Sirei: I know right? I think we should learn to do it ourselves. :D

tehtarik: haha, its a must. well, i dont know if they have super duper awesome tehtarik or not, but their teh, is good. :D perhaps u can tarik there yourself ;)

lynnie: sadly, no :( dont have much time. i spent my days at central only. really wish to go there.

humble servant?!: hmmm, i'm not so sure bout tat. haven discover the kowloon side yet. but for me, yea. the central side is just like another singapore.

sim yee: ohh, ermm!! i tried to review back the photos, and i think i'm the worst travel blogger. lol. never even bother to know where are those restaurants locate at. i'll try my best. =P

Most Desirable said...

Hi Joann, Great pics. I'm sure you have a wonderful time shoppin, eatin & sight-seein! HK is beautiful at night. I remember walkin by myself along the long Nathan Road at 1 am. I started from Mong KoK Rd all the way to Temple Street. On the way, passed a few hookers from China and some rough lookin guys eyeing where I was goin. In fact, I was lookin for a cheap hotel to stay a night. Finally ended up stayin in a semi-brothel which cost HK160. Pretty cheap and just beside Temple Street. After checkin in I went down & ate myself mad at the stalls there till 3am! Nice post:)

♥ JOANN said...

Most Desirable: Thanks. I appreciate your comment. And that sounds really fun. Bet that you enjoyed the trip a lot. :)