Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life is Like A Red Nail Polish :)

Wei May Love and I
Omg, I wish I know how to use photoshop. I want her flawless skin. :)

As what the title said, I think life is like a red nail polish. It reflects happiness, and somehow angers. This few days, I was kinda in a happy mood, cause I'm enjoying the worries-free days. Which is so awesome. But everytime when I feel more better, there must be something that breaks me down. :'(
I'm having two weeks of holidays, and I had spent a whole week doing my drama marathon. Well, that is lifeless. =P

Instead of doing this post, I shall be updating my HK day2 post, I know. But you know there's a lot of things and I'm still recalling the memories. LOL!! So gimme some time :P

Well, I miss my friends so much but its just so hard to gather them all together. Somehow it just pissed me off when they tell me they can't make it or keep giving me the 'I'm not sure' answer. After years, I still get the 'see first' and 'I'm not sure' answer, and that makes me a super grumpy person. I still don't understand why. Its just either, 'yes' or 'no'/ 'can' or 'cannot'. What is it so hard? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! :(
But holy tau fu fa, tonight they finally say 'YES' and I've finally met them after a century. Gosh, I miss them so much!!!

To the hmmm-I-think-very-important-friend of mine, which is also my #1 joker machine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *with lotsa hearts* Well, I still like you no matter how much you annoys me. You know, I just couldn't hate you. You're gonna be my one and only Buttpig!!! (Oh-emm-gee, readers!! Don't you think the name Buttpig is really chio? I like it so much but he never seems to like it.Duhh!! ) 
Imagine like he were to introduce himself in a private party, holding a glass of cocktail and say, 'Hi, my name is Tim. You can also call me Buttpig.' That's so unforgettable!!! Which makes you a unique person. WHEEEE!!! :D
Actually I know you like this name a lot. So admit it. :) I know I still owe you two bowls of tomyam. But I was thinking, since you love tomyam, I shall bake you a tomyam cake next year. Wait and see x)

And HERE!!! Congratulations my love, Caryn.(No, not the Caryn on the picture above. Its another Caryn [tan]. LOL.) I know I made you felt like I'm unhappy in a way. But, I am really happy for you. You've finally found the one that you really like and he likes you so much. Maybe there's something about him that I still couldn't really accept. But it really doesn't matter how and what I think about him. I will be happy, as long as you're happy. :)
I will seriously whack him if he were to hurt you, and I wouldn't want this to happen. I know you love me, because I love you too. <3

xoxo, J

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