Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ohai, December

Goshh, is that your twin sister?

This is like a tradition for bloggers. Blog about how are you gonna face the new coming month, and how you survive for the past month.(At least, that's what I've seen) I have not do this for quite some time, and I'm gonna do it now. And you lovely people, say 'HELLO' to December.

Believe it or not, it is DECEMBER already. WTH!! Like seriously? 32 days to 2011, 31 days to end 2010, 25 days to Christmas, 24 days to Christmas eve. Wtf ,time moving so fast, I can't even remember whether did I celebrate my birthday. Don't you think that the time moves too fast and its kinda abnormal? I thought we just celebrated CNY two weeks ago. (No joke, it really feels like it. Its just too fast, I can't believe it.) And I was thinking maybe for now, the time or the clocks maybe did shortcut. Like, it does not ticks according the real timing. (I hope you can understand, cause I don't really understand myself) Or maybe in a simpler way, the time shortcut from 1minute=60seconds, to 1min=30seconds. So I did really count(acting like an idiot), but its ticking correctly. But I think they(the time) still cheat. Hmmm.. 

But undeniable, I love December. Cause when I was in highschool, I have holidays during December. T-T And this remind me, I'm gonna kiss my teenage life goodbye real soon. And most of all, December is all about Christmas!! WHEEE!! I love Christmas. Cause Christmas is so awesome!!! *hearts* Seeing all the shopping malls change their decorations, and it just makes you feel like you are really having a cheat one white christmas. But better than nothing. :)

So, after all, this is a very meaningless post. And whatever it is gonna be, let us cherish the last month of 2010. ;)

Q-for-D-Day : 'What is the best nickname you ever heard of?' 
Mine is Buttpig. And that is for @Buttpig. HAHA!!

Last but not least, I wish December will not be a bitch.



Philip Khor said...

good luck for december too

Vir Anthony Suazo Talaugon said...

me too.. i like december, coz it reminds me of high-school too! :)

soulesscloudy said...

December is very important month..
A last month of 2010 for you to finish everything that you plan for whole year...
Be waiting of 2011 coming..
Happy Happy..

Celeste said...

hahaha..enjoy ur dec ya?:P

M-Knight said...

waah!!! December already that is fast

Kahmon said...

Cute pic!! XD
Yay, is december...So happy!!

sophiatai :) said...

this is the season to be jolly. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaalaaaalala! :D

♥ JOANN said...

philip: you too :)

vir anthony: december is max love!! :D

cloudy: Yeahhh, and it kinda reminds me that i'm growing older. Lol

celeste: haha, trying to. hope you enjoy yours.

m-knight:and you seems like you're really surprised, as if you didn't know its dec till u read my post? Lol

kahmon: thanks. =D

sophia: yea... xmas roxx!! xD

sugarmouse said...

my wish too (: