Thursday, November 25, 2010

On The First Page of Our Story

The future seem so bright, and this thing turned out so evil.
I don't know why I'm still so surprised.

-♪ Love the way you lie, part2 ♫-

If you followed me on Twitter, you should know that I enjoyed my holiday so much and when I'm super duper happy, something will just pull me down. I think that must be the demon who can't bare to see me happy. Well, yeah.. It is evil!! Grrr!! 

Up to you to say that I'm busybody or what. It's totally non of my business, but I just cannot act like I do not effing care. They are my friends and I want to see the best of them, and that effing bitch is such a nuisance I think IT deserves TEN-continuous-BIG-tight-slap!! Please, Holy Taufu fa. Do not let me bump into that bitch, or else I would really curse IT to the foul. And I seriously wanna open IT's big head and see what is the structure of IT's brain. Does being a third party of a relationship makes you happier? What if the same happens to you? Ohh, wait!! IT will never get into a real relationship. Because IT is born to be a bitch. An effing bitch that loves to involve in others relationship.  
(Goshhh!!! Dear readers, she's pretty. Her eyes are big which I'm kinda jealous, but it will scare you to hell. Super big and I thought her eyeballs might pop out anytime!!! Yeahh, pick her, if you love horror.)

And again, I'm super mean. You're welcome.

People thinks differently. And maybe that is why they think it is nothing even if they hold hands. Well for some people, its just K and B holding hands. So why is it you taking it so seriously? But what about L? You should have make things clear at the very first place, either to end the relation between K and L or never ever start with that effing B. Its just heartbreaking. You didn't see the way how L cries. Seriously, its just kinda stupid to know that L forgave K. And everything will be just fine as long as it is really doing good and K really did wanna change. Appreciate what you got, but don't take things for granted. She loves you and still do. Make things right if you think the same way too. End everything before you lost the one who cares for you most. If you think that there is something that stopping you to do that, and if that the problem is always there since the first day ever you are together. Either you solve it or continue to accept it. Its not like it is a new issue that bothers, its you who wanna take it as an excuse. I love you, the both you, my friend. I support you no matter what you wanna do. But don't do things behind the others back. Love is all about faith. You have broke it for once, mend it or break it before you make further mistake. Be truthful to each other and never keep secrets. Never hurt your love ones. 

And to those who don't know how much it hurts and support the way how he lied. Please, eat nothing but poops. You know why? Your logic and whatever it is in your brain, its just a piece of shit!!

Friend, I believed you. I chose to believe you again. But can I trust you? Our friendship might not seems to be important to you, but it is to me.

Love, J

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