Monday, November 22, 2010

To The SPM Candidates.

Say HI to Wei May. Aww, she's just shy. :P

Today is the day. The day you can finally know how it feels like dooms day is really near. But no worries, it will be alright. I know it, cause I've been there. Not long ago, just last year. And the memories are still so... fresh in mind. Lol. I remember the first day of SPM was raining, me and my friends get wet. And that's they day I see half(or more) of the people in the hall took of their shoes.  Ohh, and we had KFC for lunch. =P

All the best my friends who are taking SPM. Leslie, Jackie and ermmmm... (etc?!) I wish you guys the best of luck. I know you can do it. Cause you're just awesome. :D I remember what I promised, so just get ready to kick SPM's asses, and I will be waiting for you to have fun together. 加油!!!
(At the meantime, I shall really start driving already. Damn!!)

A lil short update:
Can you feel the Monday Blues? Lol. I can feel it, its painful. Damn, it has finally visit,but its two months late. I no more worry, and not happy as well. Cause its pain, really pain. DAMMIT!! F.Y.I. I'm just worry because I thought I got very serious hormone imbalance problem, not that I'm worry if I'm pregnant or not. So yeahhh, that's it.
And you know, the second week just started, and the first day is also an unproductive day. I spend my whole day having movie marathon. Finally watched the movies directed by Patrick Kong and lead by Alex Fong and Stephy Tang. And then I found out more HK movies that I haven't watch, so again... I think tomorrow will be another movie marathon day.

Of all the Donnie Yen movies, I think this Love on the Rocks(恋情告急) is the movie that makes me feel like to marry him. But cannot, he's the same age as my mother. LOL!!! He's just so attractive. Unlike the other movies like Ip Man, you can see the other side of him. The romantic him, AWWWWWWW~!!! So frigging adorable lo!!! If you know, lol!! <3

Once again, to the SPM candidates. ALL THE BEST!!! :D

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