Thursday, November 4, 2010

TOP of The World ♥

Happy Birthday my
The most attractive member of Big Bang, TOP. 

I love to see him with shades, and that turns me to love being all kind of shades.
So influencing, so lovely. =P


I love his deep deep voice. 
Aww, my heart melts :)

But its really hard when you fall for artist too deep, cause it somehow hurts when you see them having kiss scene with other girl. Its like, 'OMG, THAT SHOULD BE ME!!' or you just can't stop yourself cursing that girl. Lol. Rumor says TOP has a girlfriend and that is Shin Min Ah, the girl play for the drama 'My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho'. I love TOP and I like that girl. But I can't like her for having TOP. And yes, jealousy speaking. x)

Then, it hurts more, when I see him kiss Lee HyoRi. Cause I like HyoRi too!!!

Okay, this hurts. SCROLL DOWN!!

This one got no kiss scene, but  ALMOST!! Then I love it when he jump on the couch and crosses his leg.

This one he got kiss scene with Sandara. :'(
And I like Sandara also. (Walaoooo, I really wanna know whether is there any actress that I dislike, so that I can hate them without hesitating who their boyfriend is.)

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOP!!!!

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