Sunday, November 14, 2010

You've Got The Right

But its your fault.

I see her tears roll down. I can't do a thing, I kinda blame myself for being so supportive. It suppose to be a good thing, but it ended really sad. I shouldn't have encourage her to go for it. She falls so hard, and I'm the one pushed her to the disappointment. I'm sorry.

But man, what makes you think that a 'no comment' can be define as rejection? You never make it clear for months and then you came back and being so friendly to her again. I thought you are trying to pull things back and wanted to get her before you would ever lose her again. 
Misunderstand will not happen if you make things right earlier. So who to blame? You're a jackass. =/

To readers:
Will update soon regarding on HK post. I'm busy during this weekend.

Can't wait to meet up with the girls tomorrow. :)

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