Monday, January 3, 2011

Hong Kong Day Three

Walaooo, super delay post I know. Forgive me, cause I can't defeat the laziness until today. Plus, I can see my analytics dropping from hundreds to thirty and even lower. :( Sad max!! T_T

Have I ever told chu that 90% of the Hong Kong guys are handsomeS? Haha!! I'm so bliss I can see all the handsome guys in HK. Lol.
In my opinion, I think Malaysia girls are prettier than HK girls.

So it was a Sunday morning, and we visited the Catholic church near our hotel. The church has 120 years of history. The Sunday Mass was ongoing, we didn't join and we left after visiting. After that went to the Botanical Garden around for a morning walk.

Its really near to the hotel, and I really hope that there's a garden like this around my house. Owhhh, and if you know, its a mini zoo also.

Panda wannabe? Lol
At first, we really thought that it is a panda. But cannot be, because panda cannot be this small size, and how its a no way for them to put panda in a mini zoo plus no entry fee needed? Lol. So it is actually a Black and White Ruffed Lemur a.k.a monkey.

Emo monkey. x)

Upside-down sloth.

Cross-eye leopard!! xD

So where's your ears?

Eww, chicken!!
Orang Utan~

It was a great walk, but it will be better if the kids join us earlier. :)

The church view from my room. :)
Owh, and there's a school there. I only knew it on Monday.
And then met up with the sisters. Kawaii :D

And then walked from Robinson Rd to the Central again. xD

Big doggie, belongs to an angmoh family who are having the breakie in a coffee shop.
Spot that white shirt guy, lengzai ;) Lol!!
To Lan Kwai Fong we go. :)

This is the famous wantan mee shop recommended by Michelin.
To the Graham Street market. :)

Aunty Eva's sister. :D


Stopped by this shop to buy noodles.
 **Must go!! Their noodles are really good. I don't know how should I tell, but the boss will tell you how to cook it. Owhh, the shop owner is really kind. He invited me to see how they do the noodles. Btw, he only invite me. I bet you have not seen that. :) lansiface!!LOL

Cute :)
I was taking this cute kitty's photo, and the shop owner says: 'Girl, if you wanna take, why not you come in and see how we do our noodles.' Awww, so kind. Haha!!

All the handmade noodles. Nomnom!!
While the aunties were busy bargaining for price...


To Vicwood plaza we go for breakie :D

Actually we have ate more than what you saw here. And I'm sorry that I didn't take much of them and some of them doesn't looks good because I was too famished and couldn't bother more about how it might looks like when I'm gonna post them here. ;P
Owhh, and these dim sums cost us all HKD 1000. =P We all have big appetite. Lol. 

While waiting..

Why my brother so hansem one? Lol

After breakie, we split to three groups. The ladies went for shopping spree!! xD The family went to Disneyland and the gentlemen went to walk around the Central while waiting for us ladies.

First stop, Sequel.
You can buy your formal clothing here. Very nice. :D Its around Wing Kut Street.

Spent about 30-45 minutes in that shop. Then the gentlemen came and look for us because they couldn't spend more time waiting, and rather to walk back to the hotel to sleep. Lol.

 Before that, passed by a fruit stall and bought ourselves fruit juice. :)

 A shoe stall beside the fruit stall. The shoes are quite nice and the price are reasonable. :)

Passed by this place and scare me to hell. I see birds all around. :(

Next, we went to Sincere, a shopping mall at Central which is a mall similar to Sogo type. They were having some sales there, so we went for crazy shopping. But I don't feel really happy although I got myself a bag there.  And also kinda regret because I'm a stupid I didn't buy the snakeskin bag. *slapsself!!*

After spending 2 hours there, we were so exhausted and felt hungry again. We walked back to the Michelin-star wantan mee shop for a bowl of noodles.

Its just a small bowl like this with 2 or 3 wantans.
Cost us about HKD 25 or HKD 35, I couldn't recall how much it is. But I think it is really pricey for a bowl of noodles like this. Although its Michelin-star, but I don't recommend to just come and taste the fame. LOL. Because you might just find any other nicer and cheaper food around.

After that continue our shopping spree, and this time spent about 2 hours again. I know right, wtf. And I only bought a shorts. :( Sigh..

And then meet up with the others at the restaurant we went on the morning for dinner. :)

After that, we took the ting ting bus to North Point from Central and then back to Central again. Lol. Then again, from there we walked back to the hotel. Haha.. What a nice night walk.

Ohh, Lan Kwai Fong on Sunday night is kinda... quiet. xD


˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Ur sisters are so cute ^^

Hilda Milda™ said...

at one moment, i thought the cross eye leopard is real lol :p

y--square said...

LOL girls in our age still atracted to ed to Zoo meh?
Only shopping and foods rocks our world!

kevinskh said...

Hey... I was at Hongkong last June. Miss the place man. But good food, good place. Your post reminds me of my HK trip. Nice one!

♥ JOANN said...

steph: i know right. cute max. :D

hilda: haha, it was real. xD

yy: i love shopping and good food, but idk why.. i'm still attracted to go to zoo. Lol

kevin: hk is really a nice place. and my own post reminds me of the trip also. lolol