Friday, January 21, 2011



Omg, small eyes!! xD

I know right, you miss me a lot, and then you felt excited when you see I've finally update. Lol. I do really wanna update as often as I could. But you know, sometimes I really have too much to share and I don't know from where should I start first. Then when I finally decided, it's bed time. =P So I decided to catch some zzz then again I will update the next day. But when the next day comes, I might just lost the ohm to blog. Then it goes on and on and on and on... Lol.

Guess what? I'm back with more stories. ;)

Remember that day when I got really pissed off and I went for jog in the midnight just to calm myself down? I was really angry, I think I can eat up an elephant. Yes, its the-friend-issue again. But not about the outing or anything else. Well yes, somehow it actually is. (But not even half of it) Wtf. Then something else happen.


I knew this... F we call him it. I get to know F when I was still a primary school kid. Things were fine, cause you know, we were so young and never wanna judge our friends. Then when I met F again, and finally we get closer after some occasion. I found out that F is nothing but a really bad friend, or maybe I should say worst friend I ever had. You can look for F if you are having fun, but not when you're having bad times. At first, F was the one who always look for us friends when he faced problems, on love matters, study and whatever sai (shits). Well of course, as a friend we would try our best to help him no matter what, or maybe just to be a listener?! Isn't that good enough?
Maybe for F I'm not a good friend, and I'm a busy body wanted keipo about all F's stuff, and then again spread F's stories to the whole world. But goddammit, when did I? You never take me as a friend, so why should I? You keep secrets from me, so why should I share mine to you?!
I always thought that my friends trusted me just like how I did. I put my full trust on them, cause I've got faith on them. But it seems like not all of them thinks that, especially F. And that is so so so disappointing. Seriously I feel like crying whenever I think of this. T______T

Back to the F story, it happens all the time and I was really fucked up whenever I see him or even heard things about him. Bossy, stingy, selfish, arrogant and etc (yes, you can use whatever shitiest words to describe F, cause he is worse than bull shits.) -Can you see how tulan I am?!!

I'm sorry cause I seems to be a really bad person who likes to talk bad things about my friend. But this is really beyond my limita. Sometimes I would think that maybe it's just my prejudice to him, maybe he is not someone like that. But things that just happened really pissed me off, I think I would just avoid him from now on. Although it does not happen on me, but this is really too much. That's our friend, you find him only when you need him, but you can't help when he needed you?!

Damn, friend?! You're an asshole.

如果各個朋友都似你o甘 呢個世界死得人多

Translate: If every friend behaves like you, a lot of people will die. 

with love, J


SIM YEE said...

You know I had the same experience as well. I fell you girl. What you can do is just move on. Use a day to release all your anger and then the next day just be happy again.

ken said...

dont bother about F la :)

Cassy said...

cheer up there.. this is a lesson learned, just make sure u dont trust anyone too much =)

♥ JOANN said...

simyee: aww, life sucks when you have friends like this. :((

ken: i have been avoiding that asshole :))

cassy: lesson learned ;)