Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Don't Know Why I Hesitate

I might fall into something deep

To the bear from North Pole,

I was actually kinda happy, but I'm too nervous, I don't know how should I react. And you know, the face to face talk is really awkward, I can't handle it. I like you a lot as a friend and I never thought that this will happen to me. Its totally out of my expectations. Its like how can it be me?!! Seriously, I still can't believe it. I hope its a joke, and somehow I want it to be true. But goshhh, thanks for being so understanding and I seriously need more time to think about it. 

But that day you totally freaked me out! This dumbass is giving me heart attack for two days. He bang the divider the day before yesterday and then knocked his head yesterday and sent to the hospital. Thank God, I don't have heart attack, if not I might died twice! :((

I'll see you when college starts again (:


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