Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killing Me Softly

Its me blogging at 4:49am now. I'm feeling so much better after talking to the friends. (: I just couldn't imagine what my life would be if I don't have you. Owhh, I'm having insomnia, not depressed but the other way round. ;P I'm so happy and I think I can just stay awake for 48 hours. Lol!! There's something about it, I'm not so sure what is it, but I think it's special. I hate it when I first feel it. It feels like heartache, then all of sudden I feel like stomach ache?! The heart pumps rapidly, and I'm all excited. :D Never felt this way after two years of heartbreak. And I'm sure the previous one is totally a mistake that I've learned. I wanna take things slowly, because I believe he will wait, if he thinks I'm worth for it. *smiles*

Love, J

Gosh, I hope its real. 

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