Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lil' Catch Up

Finally got my pair of oxfords from Vincci. :DD Yeahhh, I know right, after years. But I'm sorry, I can't help cause I'm a BIG FOOT!! I always can't get pretty shoes of my size. And only Vincci never fails me. Thanks Padini for having Vincci!! (: And yes, I do know that this is an very ordinary oxfords which I can get anywhere, but my feet is a friggin' size 9 or 10!! Geddit?!

I found out that a lot of people like the GIF I do. Lol. The brother and cousin at Neway CEO. Lol!!

I don't know much about the normal Neway, but CEO is definitely the best.
The sushis are fresh, the food are good, and their service is ichiban!! =D Though its pricey, but its worth for it. Thumbs up!!


That night was actually mom's company annual dinner. Me, Jung, Steph and Winnice tagged along but we get ourselves another big room. Lol.

Owhh!! And finally meet up the cute sisters again after the Hong Kong trip. So cute!! :D

Jung and Steph the cute couple :D
SEXY!!! *pheewitt!!* xD



Hilda Milda™ said...

Woots somehow how those oxfords are the IN thing now (: Nice pick btw! and I love the cute sisters! Really cute hugging each other teehee

~Joeanney~ said...

yea, i always have problem buying shoes, hard for me to find the correct size as i have BIG FOOT like you..sigh :((

like your oxfords btw, gorgeous :)

♥ JOANN said...

Hilda: Yea, the oxfords has been IN for quite some time, thank god its still IN thing now. :D
They are really cute. Photogenic

Joaeanney: sigh!! especially when there's pretty shoes, but they don't have your size. sad max :((

SIM YEE said...

I saw the oxford flats at vincci and my size is sold out in all the vincci outlet. damn sad!