Monday, January 24, 2011

No Moon. No Stars. No Light

I'm so upset, I wanna cry :(
And yes,
'Hello, roaches?! Why are you crying when I have not even cry?!'

Today must be the worst day ever for my 2011
It's all about my future I'm worrying about.
Never felt so stressed I almost burst into tears since after the afternoon.

Well, thank God I have eaten my lunch before I were shot
by the Cambridge's-ang-moh-made paper.
I don't know whether should I be happy or not.
I've brought back home a plain imported yet not-so-fantastic paper
from England to Malaysia.

Had been feeling like this for hours,
and it doesn't feel any better even I watched comedies.

You know how it feels like when you really wanna
cry out loud but you just can't?
Then you feel like there's something invisible strangling
and stomping on your poor lil' fragile heart?

No, you don't. :((

Dear llamas,
do you know how to effing spell -F'CK-?!
Guess you don't, cause you always look happy :((

Buzzy my dear, 
please save me from this black hole. I need your hug so much I wish to cry in your arms. Please be prepared, cause I might just cry like a giant baby. T__T


˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Hey dear,cheer up! Remember,tmr will always be a better day ;)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

hey ! Cheer up ! be happy ! Try to do something that make u happy . =D

Baboon Tan said...

you have to think positive and act positive k? :)
take care! and cheer up!

♥ JOANN said...

Steph: Thanks alot :)

Jayren: Oh yeahh, I'm a happy girl again. :D

Baboon: I'm doing fine now. Thanks a lot