Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Gathering

The family gathering last year December. (Lol, I know right? Super duper delay post. And yeahhh, more to go.) ;)

At Aunty Vivienne's place in Kota Kemuning. 

Called the Lok Lok truck for convenient purpose. No need to clean, just eat. ;)

Kye Jern ;)

Red wine!! (:

Kye Jern and I. 

Kye Jern and Winnice

He calls me leng lui jie jie. Hahaaa, *shy,cover face!*


Yours truthfully
Oh yay! The pretty ladies. xD

From left: Uncle Bill, Alvin, Aunty Ching, MommyLove, gu po and Aunty Aye Keng :)
Spotted someone familiar? Haha!

The big family! Spot all the half naked men and their tummies! xD

Uncle Bill and MommyLove
MommyLove and I 

Winnice and I 
We should do something like this more often. I love my family so much!!! Hahaa..
Owhh, and for that night, I spent most of my time playing with Kye Jern. Lol. Gahhh, have not seen him for 2 months. Miss him so much!! xD

love, J

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