Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Wanna Know

Woohoo!! I'm missing the long hair so badly!! 
If I didn't cut it, it might have reached my butt already. HAHA!!

Oh fuck yeah, its me, I-Dont-Know again. You might not know me, and that is why I'm introducing myself to you people here, now! I'm a monster with the series code, IDK, living in J's soul. She kinda hates me because.. Just so you know, no one likes me. =P

Dear llamas,

I wanted this so badly that I always ask for it to happen on me. But when it has finally come, I'm afraid. I still do not know  what I wantt. So please gimme some clue, would you?! Rawr!!

Happy Chinese New Year earthlings. HUAT AHH!!


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