Saturday, March 5, 2011


My my... See who's back in action. ;) The laziness has take over me and I have really lost my momentum for blogging. Goshhh, where is that happy soul who loves blogging? Please bring her back! Anyone?!

Anyway, I'm back again and I swear I'm gonna do a proper post for this time after presenting all those shitty dull post, covered up with pretty pixxies :P

Flashback to February, (I know, I know.. Its already March. SHUSH!) me think February is simply awesome!

Did last minute shopping with the brother and the sister. :)

Justina and Aaron. :DD  Missing Tracia! :((

Had Pepper Lunch for the first time, and its gooooooooood! (Y)

(L) Macam yes face. (R) I'm cute! 

Welcome to Pavilion, KL! LOL

Sistas! xD

Aaron, Justina and me! :)

Mocha frap <3

Leopard print scarf for 9.90 :))

Reunion dinner with all the good food!! Awesome mama! :DD
 The next day, which is the first day of CNY.

Sending Million baby to Dan's place.
 Then visited grandpa at Uncle Wai's.

Stoning there while mommy's talking to aunty.

The camera shy yet a lil LOA cousin. :P

Trying to do the giraffe! PHAIL!

Gave up and do BUNNY! cute! xD

Nahh! Giraffe! I do one! *bannga face*

On the way back to Port Dickson. The piggy brother's sleeping.

Reached PD and setting up for table tennis.

Justina after bike ride! :)

Moi, bike and phat shaodw of moi. D:

Aaron's sweating! :D

Basketball! :DD

Wei and lovely son, Don. LOL! Look at that face. xD
The hyper hansem, Hao! :)

Innocent baby, Shu! :DD

Since I don't gamble, I ask for camwhore session with the bro and sis. :))
Here you go~

Then went to the Ng's place. FIREWORKS!!

Fireworks are pretty, but the I don't know what's that you call it, that stupid black and white thingy hit me twice and it hurts a lot! Of all the people, why me? :(( *cry!*

That's all for today. More to go :))

love, J

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Nava.K said...

The food for reunion looks so tempting.