Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

Tell me if you are not happy with me, but seriously, I wasn't talking about you but you are too sensitive to think that I was actually talking about you?! Please feel sorry and laugh at yourself being such a sensitive people. The whole thing I was talking about is a guy, and if you think that I offended your that girlfriend, seriously, all I can say is... You misjudged me!

Know why am I so pissed? Of all the things you could tell, 'bla bla bla' is the thing you tell me? I rather you just ignore me and unfollow me or whatever. Cause it has no difference anyway, you CHANGED! I couldn't agree more till I get that 'bla bla bla' from a friend for years?!!! And you are doing that for the girl that you only knew for not more than a year?! PUI!!

Seriously, I will say sorry if your that girlfriend is a trans, then I might just offended 'her' indirectly and... sorry about the photoshop and fanpage thing? It wasn't meant for her and if you think it is, then it is.

So maybe all I deserve from a friend is just ignorance because your girlfriend is so perfect, and your friend, especially me, is a total bullshit?!! You know what, idiot? What goes around comes around, I hope karma comes back and bite you on your ass. I never thought that I would wanna say something like this to you.
And somehow, maybe you are being so sensitive is because... You actually know that you did something wrong all this time, and you just couldn't help but hate me more for telling the ugly truth.

For all these while, yeahhh, I might have a lil prejudice on you and her. But I know there is no right or wrong in a relationship. So I decided not to side any of you and respect your decision. And all I get from you is just ignorance?! In fact, you are the one who is having all the prejudice on me.

I'm a very straight forward person, I tell anything that I'm not happy about and tell me on my face if you're not happy. A 'bla' from you can't make me figure out what I did or said is wrong. m|m


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