Friday, April 22, 2011

Lazy Friday Night :DD

Currently playing: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars :)

My mind is full with law shits and I can't think although I have a lot to share. :(
Anyway, sharing you some of the photos taken lately. 

Juen Vei's birthday :)

Gavies stupid face! LMAO

The best soup! Mmmmm~
 Jia Min's birthday :DD

The birthday girl :)

Everyone, and someone hiding from the camera. HAHA

Nahh! Just in case you never see him before :P

I don't know why but I kinda love this, tho Suvi think she looks horrible. :)

The birthday girl and the guy who fails giving her the surprise on the supposed-to-be-surpirse-party. xD

Me and the girl after lunch camwhoring somewhere around :)

Pretty JM :)

It says no photographing but we just did. LOL
Some random night out in KLCC park :D

Bryan and I. On the way to KLCC :D

Macam pro ;)

Bryan, Keith and the vodka! :D

Vince and his big ass camera :D

Pro giler! LOL

Our mad bull! LOL
Dearest Doreen and yours trully :)
Toast for A Level :DD
And as Vince said, 'It was once of those night that drew us closer to each other.' :D ... 'And also made us drowsy on the following day's class.' TEEHEE!

love, J

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