Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kick Mua Feet Up

Went i-City for the first time and... nothing special. :P

Time passes so fast and its already 17th of April. Can you believe it? Final is coming in less than a month!!! Ohh, fuck! The pixxies above were taken last month and yeahhh, I've been so lazy to update. TEEHEE! :DD


Rings from Glam Street Fashion Bazaar :))

Mommy Love and I

Sushi Zanmai! :D

Alvin (: and his rm300+ headset ...

Unagi Kabayaki. Nomness!! :D


Uncle Bill's tam chiak kuan! xD

Pasta Zanmai's dessert of the month
I so wanna watch movie. I watched Don't Go Breaking My Heart -Awesome! I watched World Invasion: Battle of LA- Not bad. Watched Just Go With It- Funny :).
Now, I wanna watch HOP, SCRE4M, Source Code, Love & Other Drugs and The Roomate! :DDD

Aight, need to study again. Bahhhh :X

I wanna kick my feet up then stare at the fan!!! LOL

love, J

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