Friday, April 1, 2011

You Fool

Was so depress for the whole week and just in case you didn't know, I was having PMS. Nahh, who cares? And that is exactly why, I was not in good mood for the past few days. Everything, and almost everyone can really annoy me so easily, I could almost eat up a.. maybe two.. or three big cows?!!

Today, the zoo and baby craze just hit me like a hurricane, I think the homosapiens are going crazy because I goes utterly mad, spamming their Facebook homepage with babies' photos and videos. And then texted almost half of the world, telling them I wanna go to zoo! HAHAHAHA

Well, actually... I'm too stressed. I got no idea what to do other than watching those cute babies and I really wanna visit the zoo again. I want to say 'HI' to Big Mouth (hippo) , Big Nose (elephant) and my Pengz friends once again before I step in and passed out in the exam hall. :(

Laughed so loud, but I don't feel happy at all 

love, J

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ken said...

i like the car pic.. somewhat vintage :)