Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get Through To You

Howdy! Whatever it is, just say that you miss me. TEEHEE!

Just so you know, I'm still alive after being attack by 5 Cambridge papers. I successfully ruin their life and mine as well, I'm just not sure whether will they come back and take their revenge on me 'again' or not?! I hope not and I'm willing to pay for their cost for funeral, I'm dead serious! And 3 more to go! Ohmy holy taufufa! I used to enjoy life, then I started my A levels. Life like this is nothing much but... It's alright, I'll let my middle finger talks. D: 

Whatever it is, I'm having a short break before Mr. Tort Law hits me on my face. Therefore, I'm here blogging, again. Yoohoooooo! *waves happily like penguins in the Happy Feet.... They did waved in the end rite? Yes? No????? Okay, whatever it is just wave back!*

I went to Fraser Hill again, after 17 years and the last time I visit... I was only two, I guess. Cause I've got no memory of it, like at all.

Went there with mommy's company's boss and staffs and met the cute sisters again. Our last trip was HK and just in case you're new readers and haven't read any of my HK posts. HERE! and HERE!! and HERE!!! ;)

Back to the topic, this is where we stay :)

Went for a walk with the bunch. Ahhh! I miss the fresh air there!

Mommy, me and Uncle Bill
 Flowers!!! Me likey flowers!!! :D

And lavenders!!!

Sunflowers! They are even taller than me. 

Dinner for the night: Fish and chip. Made by the housekeeper there :)

The tartar sauce is nom nom!!! xD

The sisters join us the next day :)

Cute rite? Mua daughter :P

Angelyn and the sisters. :))

Posing :P

Favourite photo taken :)

To the smokehouse. :)

The 'Tai-tan-nic', doing the I'm the King of The World pose. :D

Jackie seems to be excited but it seems like Rosie has height-phobia. :P

'I'm superstar!' ;D

The poser! ;P

I'm over-excited when I see all these bugs the next morning. I should be an Entomology instead of lawyer! XD
Spot the monkeys!

Oppsie!! :P 

That's all for tonight. Will blog again soon :))

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crapper D said...

everything is beautiful until...i...saw...that...friggin....bug....
ohmygosh you really like bugssss ???