Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love's Beautiful

#nowlisteng: T-time album by Tanya Chua

Thanks Jia Min, Cammy and Doreen for the present. Its an old album of her, but I really like this because it has all the songs that I love. Well, not exactly all, but most of it :)
They must have squeezed out what's left of their brain juice to get me this gift. Cause (as what I remember of) I never once tell them what I want and still not get it, except those super exxy stuff, which is something that I should get myself and not wait for others to give it to me, tho I really hope that God would drop me an iPhone4, MacBook Pro, big ass camera and all different lenses or maybe a big bag fulfilled with pounds sterling (a million would be really thoughtful, amen!). LOL

Pressie from Caryn :)
 Spent some time with Caryn and Wei Ming after class. Had a simple dinner and talked a lot as usual. It somehow reminds me of last year's celebration. Sigh! But I still love you, all of you. :') 6 years of friendship is not easy.

I really miss the old times! D': I MISS YOU SUELYN!  Well, on your face Andrew Tan. xD

Thanks for all the wishes, I love them all. No matter it is text message, or leaving wall posts on FB, or send it thru the inbox message, on the chatbox, telling me face to face, on twitter or even phone calls. My 19th birthday is really wonderful, except I still need to go to college for the extra class on my birthday.
AHH! And I love the picture message that Wei May sent me. Wanna know what? I won't tell! :P

You know, the day before I officially turn 19, I've been thinking a lot, about what to do, so that my 18 could be more memorable than the others. I find none, because I did too many things that makes my 18 miserable. I really used to think that 18th birthday MUST be special, and that all thanks to Jia Min, cause she has been telling me about this like almost all the time when we are together till she herself turn 19 too. LOL.

Seriously, never once did you think of that? 18 is like the official legal age, not in Malaysia, and its like the year that you can finally try doing something big like, you know, clubbing (and then I only get to know that the legal age to go for clubbing is actually 21, not 18. Well, thanks to those classmates who get raid because they were and still are underage. LOL), and buy cigarettes (just kidding! not that I smoke), and also buy alcohol (okay, I did this before I'm 18 also, TEEHEE!)

Ohh, by the way, I love the lunch with the awesome people at Shabu One, Lot 10. Didn't take any photos, but I'm very full! :)) Thanks for the lunch, Cammy, Jia Min, Vince, Keith, Francis and Darling. OH! OH! And you know, I really like it when they sang me the birthday song outside the shop after lunch. Random! Me likey! XD XD

Just when I am blogging Cammy uploaded this, they say this is my signature face when I am excited/happy/surprise. HAHA


love, J


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Shanny said...

i jealous than i wasnt there. ><