Friday, June 17, 2011

I Miss These Moments

Finally met up with my awesome friends! Just as Caryn said, I felt as if I'm 17 again! It feels good, really good! Very less picture taken, didn't really play, ate a lot, talked a lot! Just like when we're in high school! Everything is the same, almost. :) 

I miss our jokes on Lylia's lame joke. I miss Wei Ming's very high pitch voice and making very loud TSK sound. I miss Suelyn talking nonstop beside me. I miss Caryn talking so fast as if she knows what she's talking about. I miss seeing Taiko disturbing lilttle girls calling them xiao mei mei. I miss teasing JJ being gay. I miss seeing Kenny's sarcastic face. I miss seeing Wei Yao talking bout golfing and none of us give a damn. HAHA. And most of all, I miss the time when we skip classes and stay in the SPBT room as if we are really on duty! Then playing card games, sing and nap there! 

Too awesome, and I miss all these so much! Things were much better and relaxing back then. Laugh at silly lil' stuff makes us the happiest kids on earth. Having fun with them every single day. 

Gotta do a gathering again soon! :D

love, J