Friday, June 24, 2011

Its Friday, Friday!

I just gotta leave this town! LIKE NOW! But I can't leave the shopping malls behind. TEEHEE!

Wanted to go to Singapore for a solo trip so much, BUT momma just won't let me. BAHHH! So I shall just forget about it. Now, I'm looking forward for the trip to Cameron. Haven't been there for years! And yeah, just in case you didn't know, I love to go uphill! Genting, Fraser and Cameron. I can just go all the way up to Genting just for the fresh air, all by myself, but not anymore. Cause their air no more fresh! URGHH! Thanks to the buses?!

Should go to the beach after the Cameron trip :DD And no, somewhere other than PD. Kinda... You know, sick of it. HAHAHA. So maybe Sepang Goldcoast??? Just maybe. Owhhh, and you know, I can finally drive! Like really, drive out, not just around my house area. Now I can be less dependant towards the friends, family and the boyfie. But no Mr Andrew Tan, you still need to drive me around. :P

Okay, the boyfie is off for holidays and HOW DARE HE LEAVE ME HERE IN KL and he went  penang,ipoh and cameron FOR FREAKING 8 DAYS!! I feel so lifeless and that I keep spamming my Facebook. And sorry friends on FB, if I annoyed you, but don't cha love it when you see my awesome face all over your homepage?????? Say you love me, say you love me! The friends were like, 'are you really that lifeless? I don't even need to click into your wall to see your post, cause my homepage is like your wall! I'm sorry, but seriously, I see your face also tulan!' LOL! I don't feel offended at all, cause you know, only your good friends bother. He said it, because he cares. Okay la, I try to spam lesser, so you can see something else on your homepage.
And yeah, found someone that's as lifeless as me and we can really spam for the whole day!!! Because we are the LAMEST, SPAMMEST, AWESOMEST SPAMMER! Hello, Shanny *waves*

Then, I've been thinking that... I think I should change my blog's header and template and maybe the URL as well. THINK THINK THINK! :) Simple and nice and awesome! Any idea anyone?

Sharing goodness.

This is a really good song, the rhythm might seems not so something, but the lyrics is totally LOVE. And yeap, I found my penguin. HEH!

Adele, is one of the singer I'm into. Her vocal is just awesome. Another song of her, Make You Feel My Love, its good too. :)

You might know Scarlett Johansson, but do you know that she sings? Like really sing?! I didn't know about this, but nice discovery!

Norah Jones, The very best jazz artist you would wanna know. :)

The Script, Breakeven is one of the hit song, and this one as well! :) The lead singer is hawt! (Well yeah, almost all the angmohs are. LOL)

And this is Soko. Not bad tho. Tho she sings like nursery rhymes. LOL. (Well, I love nursery rhymes! Hahaha. I still listen to nursery rhymes, sometimes.)

I listen to this because I saw The Cataracs and Dev! I always love them. Especially when Dev,' Its The Cataracs'. Sexxayy! And yeah, this song is totally love love love! 

Dance Diva cover by Hebe. Love this version of it, and totally my thing. :)

Last but not least, since today is Friday, presenting you Katy Perry's T.G.I.F. And you will see Rebecca Black in it. She looks better in this!! Yeah, at least better than how she looks like in her own Friday. ;P

Hope you like it :)

Have a nice day peepo. 

love, J

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