Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorry, MadBull :P

Ahhh, and it's friday again! Don't you just love Friday? I love Friday, because I always give surprise on Friday! Don't you just love me, and my blog? HAHAHA.

Mandy and Doreen. 

Your fav blogger, Vince from

The *AHEM* lovely MadBull Keith. HAHA
We went arcade last month. And Vince trying to block the bull's view

Ermmmmmmm, humping the horse.... LOL

So you think the bull can't dance?

And now, presenting you the most handsome and kickass bull on earth!

I'm sorry, don't hate me. xD
I'm just trying to make you.... more femes than ever! HAHAHA.

Well, you're most welcome! TEEHEE!

And yes, you're welcome mua readers. I love you peepo too! :D


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