Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun Fun Fun

Went to Puchong last week and been hanging out EVERYDAY, and I am so damn broke especially after the bazaar... Urghhh! Sucha pain, don't wanna mention bout it anymore. :(

The accessories we bought. (:

 Playing Chuzzles!! :D with the serious face. 

Watched Mr Popper's Penguins that night :)) (Lylia's scary nails)
The only bad thing in the cinema is that the black people who came late and make noise and sit right behind of us. And the very rude and loud black lady took off her shoes and put her smelly foot on my chair and I could only lean my head on the boyfie's shoulder. Impolite human!! BAHHHH! D:

Starbucks breakie while waiting for Lylia's class to end. Green Tea Frap venti (Y) and whatever banana cake (N).

Look for Suelyn at her place after that (:

Lylia Wong, watchu hiding there? :P

Played Monooly Deal and I winnnnnn!! :DD

Retarded me and innocent Coco

Shy shy Coco with cute ribbon (:

Went to Sunway Giza for dinner after dinner at Suelyn's place. HEH!

Us craving for Carbonara :D

Not bad pizza (:

Tutti Frutti after dinner.

Skype with Wwm when we got home and messing up Lylia's bedroom with Suelyn!! 
 Missing those awesome moments. Just like school days. Big bully me, and Suelyn, bullying Lylia and messing up her stuff everyday!!! Awesome!!! :DD

Hello Kitty head.

CJ7 eating cupcakes. And seriously, Lylia Wong you can throw it away already. 


Nail polish!!!

Suelyn playing Hoola Hop! Still living like an underage. (:

Spongebob boyfie and spot Suelyn laughing her ass off! Haha

ME, spongebob and the whatever plushie.

Went to the park in the middle of the night. :)

Lovey dovey Lylia Wong and Suelyn Ng. 

Pasta Zanmai for late brunch

Have a nice day.
love, J


crapper D said...<3

ken said...

nice fun and relaxing life.. i wish i can live like that everyday :P

♥ JOANN said...

Doreen: holidays!!!

ken: i wish i can live like that everyday, too! unfortunately, life isn't tat prefect. i can feel that holidays are running away from me!!!! :(

Thristhan said...

Wahh, looks like you've been having so much fun. Great photos of food, making me hungry right now :)

♥ JOANN said...

thrishan: thanks. have a nice day (: