Monday, August 1, 2011

Back To Black

Hello earthlings, it's AUGUST!!! OMFGBBQ, it just smells like my holiday is ending and I'll be back to college and soon I'll be collecting my result for my Cambridge examination. Like seriously, TIME is SPEEDING! Holy shiat! 10 days to go and for these days, I'll be living my life like a crazy woman, enjoy my holidays before my mom chop me into pieces and deep fry me in her frying pan AND imagine that she's adding all the seasoning, pepper, salt, herbs and spices, so that I taste nicer AND THEN I'm ready to be served!!! Goddammit, this is insane and I really got no idea what to do if I really *touch-wood* PHAIL!!! *still-touching-wood*

Anyway, not to mention 'bout the soon-to-be-come unhappy moment. These days, I've been living like the happiest girl on earth. OH YEAHHH! :D

Faux Snakeskin Clutch, black. rm45
Envelope Clutch with Zippers, grey. rm30
Both from F&D
Both in good quality. Super duper happy! :D

LV inspired world map handbag. rm55
from Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
Anyway, last piece! :D
Buying last piece item often makes me feel like buying limited edition stuff. Happy max!!

Left: YSL inspired ring in torquoise black. rm10
Right: Double plaid chic ring. rm10
Both from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. 

*i literally forget the shop's name. they sell various rings in cheap price.
bought them from the same shop where i bought the world map bag.

Left earrings belong to mommy and the right earrings belong to me!! :D
Earrings from Vinci Accessories. Bought them during the sales. 
All 50%. Oh yeahh!! HAHA

Flats from Vinci Accessories. 20%
Loving the design for the milky red flats.
The blue black stripe flats wasn't that pretty but, 
super comfy! And that I bought them! :D

lovin' it!!!! 

And yes, yours trully is officially broke, all over again! I know I said these at least a hundred times that 'Blog shops are evil!!', but I just couldn't resist the beauty that they're selling. Anyway, after the tops that I bought this morning from the blog shop, it would be my last item to buy anything from any blog shops anymore, for this month. Heh!

love, J


Kahmon said...

Wow... I like the earrings. =]

♥ JOANN said...

get them from vinci (:

crapper D said...

dunno why i laughed and grinned while reading this blogpost. huahahahaha..... =PPP (maybe kaima cooking and seasoning you that part guah) hahaha...