Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Your Skin So Fair, It's Not Fair

Went to Tokyo Street, Pavilion last week with the beloved Cammy! :D Well, it looks a lil Japanese-ish. And all the restaurants look tempting, but sadly not much varieties, guess its because its still new?! Anyhoo, we were kinda famished, so we just simply enter a restaurant which they have RICE, because Cammy is a fan-tong (chinese). HAHA.

Tokyo Don it is. But God forsaken, they only have FIVE choices on the menu. Felt a lil cheated, but praise the Lord, the cooking is really good. Which makes me feel much better after filling my tummy. :)

The Tempura rice set with a set dish and a miso soup. Oh yeah, we shared a bowl together. Not so filling, but still.... Okayyyyyy la.

Had snowflake and watched The Hangover2 together. Man, watch it if you need some laughs!! Hilarious shits. And have I ever mention this? Bradley Cooper is a hawt eye candy!! *drools!* :P

Lastly, presenting you with our #vainpix!

love, J

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