Thursday, September 22, 2011


OHAI. Had a great day with ze boyfie. Ruined by a total shitty cheapskate.(!!) Was so angry I could tear him off with my bare hands. Very pissed indeed!! The boyfie is totally the best drugs to kill the angers off me.
20 days to my first law paper. Working really hard for these pieces of shitz! I must not fail *fingers crossed*.

Oh hello, Mr. Boyfriend!! :)

Stupid face! :P

Went Ikea with the loving mother. Had their heavenly currypuff and tried the oh-so-good meatballs for the first time, and I don't dislike it. :) The gravy with ze combinations of the berry jam, doubled the goodness! Nomness! HEH. Should have go there with the boyfie next time. I can imagine how insane we're gonna be there. :P TEEHEE.
love, J

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Kelvin said...

Such a sweet couple, i am envious :)