Friday, September 2, 2011

Flying Tomatoes

Hola! Time for some overdue post. Losing all my momentum to blog recently. I think laziness defeated me again, well yeah, you got it right. So since that's the case, I'll just let the pixxies do the talking, maybe, just maybe with a lil caption at the bottom. TEEHEE.

Kindori mango ice cream :)

Next target after the millions on my wishlist. teehee

Suelyn and Domokun

#1. Outfit of the day. Sleeveless polka top from F Block. Romeo violet bag from HK. Flats from Vinci.
#2. Blue Superman top
#3. Grey Superman top
The other day, with ze family, had birthday dinner for dearest grandpa :)

Grandpa and the eldest grandson

Boyfie and I. :*

Family potrait. :D
With the dearest cousin after dinner. A and L. *inside joke. teehee
 And again the other day, outing with ze awesomests.

From left, Awesomest Doreen, Awesomest Joann and Awesomest Shanny.

The, 'You-want-a-kiss-but-I-don't-really-wanna-give-you-face'. LOLOL

From left, the black swan *untitled face*.
 Middle, the Dino *showing-I'm-gonna-eat-you-up-face*.
Right, the lamb *OMG-I-THINK-I-SHOULD-RUN-face*.
So lame, I know. Indeed, I'm the lamest. roflol-andstomachcramp!

Okay la, posing like a real lady, like roses blossom. *No, hold on, don't puke.

Me and the lamb. :)

Loiter around Times Bookstore. :) 

They have a nice couch. It would be a sin if you don't take a nap on it. haha.
Some bonus for the post, if not it might look deadful. Something, for my boyfie to read and know, and practice all of them if possible. TEEHEE. But, you know I love you for who you are.

25 types of boy I like.
#1. Boy who is honest.
#2. Boy who take silly pictures with me
#3. Boy who acts silly just to make me laugh.
#4. Boy who plays piano/guitar or any other muscial intruments.    【x】
#5. Boy with a lil tummy.
#6. Boy with gentle attitude.
#7. Boy who loves you more than he loves his online games.
#8. Boy who coax me when I'm mad.
#9. Boy who get worried when I don't text back.
#10. Boy who let me bite and doesn't bite back, only if I allowed.
#11. Boy who is not afraid to admit he miss you.
#12. Boy who holds your hand and play with your fingers.
#13. Boy who has a little jealousy.
#14. Boy who doesn't smoke.
#15. Boy who loves cleanliness.
#16. Boy who is smart.
#17. Boy who has fashion sense!
#18. Boy who is loyal.
#19. Boy who keeps his promises.
#20. Boy who will wait for you no matter how long he has to.
#21. Boy who sings for me.
#22. Boy who smiles often.
#23. Boy who is cute. 

#24. Boy who has great sense of humor. 
#25. Boy who likes my family, and vice versa.

*credits to another blogger. I copied this and forgotten who is she.
So yeah, it wasn't originally from me, and I added something else.

AND, yes! You got it right, my boyfie gets 24 over 25. Which is almost perfect! :P ♥ 

Stay tuned for next update. HINT: PD trip. :DDD

love, J

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