Friday, September 16, 2011

Ohhhh Sea Breezeeeeeee

Oh hey, it took me so long to do this. :P Guess that you're not interested anyway. Its alright. I can be hyper all by myself. TEEHEE.
The almost perfect getaway to Port Dickson with ze cousins, nephews and nieces. Went back to Port Dickson with the cousin and the younger brother last week. Was suppose to go on the 30th, but when we get to know that the cousins planned for a picnic, I get all excited and followed the cousin back one day earlier. You are not interested to know about the details, I know. So let's get the picnic started, wheeeeeeeee!

08:00 in the morning.

Eggcited like an egg!! 

Getting ready. Pheewitt! 

Homemade breakfast. :)

Random girl standing under the tree with her big ass camera and her big ass camera's bag. Then keep showing lansi face.. Okay la, just simply want to criticize her for nothing. Btw, I made up the showing lansi face thing. :P 

Hello sexxayyyyy. *whistle*

Building sandcastle. 

Halfway through, I made her fly the kite and she has to keep running. HAHA.

Pose like a star.

This fat ass jump on me while we were talking, but luckily I berry strong, still can shore up her weight. HAHA

and REVENGE!! Apparently, she got no great strength to carry me. Then both of us fell down. LOL.But I must say, I'm not that heavy lo! REALLY. Don't believe? Come carry me. LOLOL.

And then all of sudden everyone starts to play piggyback game. :P No la, only four of us. HAHA.

Dearest cousie and me :)

The only successful jump shot in my camera. WHEE, I CAN JUMP SO HIGH!

Me and the sexxay. :D

Warning: showing vain pix with cousies.

After hours, still trying to build sandcastle. #phail

The couple. haha

Sending to Canada. Dear Jane, have you received the bottle yet?
From Msia, with love.



"I" the writer said...

Cute kids ;)

Kendra Bing said...

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Nava.K said...

thats a grea time you had with the family, fun and with lovely food.

ken said...

picnic by the beach.. nice..
the last time i was at PD was back in 2006.. so long ago edy :)

♥ JOANN said...

thanks all :D

♥KangYin♥ said...

One month and no, still havent receive my bottle message! :(