Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back For Good ;)

As you guys know, I just changed my blog header, it was like the above, a lil emo-ish, LOLOL. Which I still get a few of compliments from the kind peepo on earth. Hahaha. And then I finally decided to change it with something... urmmm.. seems to be more cheerful, which suits my personality to the 180%!! Hahaha.

Like this!! Nice or not? Nice or not? Tell me. LOLOL.

I don't know since when I became this vain, but just bear with me. I once heard the Guru says, 'to be pretty, you must be vain.' That was either from Cheesie or XiaXue, and the thing is, that is so damn true. You know, it's just like some people who are pretty and know that they are pretty, or people who are not so pretty but still think that they are pretty, talking about confidence, another awesomesauce. Unlike some people who thinks that they are pretty yet still pretend like they think themselves are ugly, UH UH! Ultimate BIG NO NO! People like that deserves multi-millions-continuous-slaps so they could stop fishing for compliment. Also, there's other examples who couldn't stop fishing for compliment, but no.. I'm not gonna list it out here, as some people easily get offended, so I shall just keep it to myself and don't wanna give traffic to their blogs. HMPH #lansiface

Sooooo! I was too busy to blog the last two months. I err.. Studied for my exams, and all I hope is I can pass my exam and that's it. I'm not greedy, pass is really enough. *amen!*

Anyway, this time I'm back for good. :)

Spent most of my time shopping, eating, watching dramas and not forgetting the boyfie. (: Much love! Can you believe it? We have been together for 9 months, so fast yet so slow. You know what I mean. I love you Mr. Boyfriend. HEH!

Went for nice nice claypot chicken rice with the boyfie at Air Panas, Setapak. I strongly suspect that the aunty there has an eye on my boyfriend. LOL! Cause, I don't know, she'll smile like..

yeahhh, like Miley's horse-face-smile on the left. LOLOL! Opps! :P

And that the other day we went for dinner with the family at Subang Southsea, near the Subang Airport. Everything is about seafood!! OH YEAH!

Eel!! The skin is so smooth, I can't stop touching it. Like taufu, but unbreakable. 

 The mighty lobster!!! 

 Fresh abalone in the aquarium!!

And bigger one!! :D
And spotted a zao lou crab! Trying to runaway from his friends.

 And CHEESE BAKED oyster in the aquarium??? LOLOL

Abalone and sea cucumber. One dish like this is about rm3o per pax. The sea cucumber is much more bigger than this one on my second visit.

Geoduck. (:

The very nice vege. I don't know where else to find this, but it is really damn nice. Cousie calls it 'Qing Long' which is Green Dragon in Chinese. 

Salted egg crab. NOM NOM!

 Another thing I like about this restaurant is their restrooms! The above two is the ladies', which has nothing really special, and watch out for the men's.

Yes, gentlemen, you may pee there. 
LOLOL. And yes, we enter the men's restroom, cause the cleaner ask us to. 

And that's all for today. I'm tired. Need to take a drama break. HEH! 
Stay tuned ;)

love, j

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