Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flightless Bird

#nowplaying: Flightless Bird- American Mouth

(Zara Inspired blazer from Chic Chick, singlet from a+ap, jeans from Esprit)

Back from supper with cousins and the bestie, the one who has been the tweety bird around us, even my mum calls her tweety bird, HAH! These two months was indeed the crazy month for me. Not mentioning the exam part, I either spend my day shopping or watching dramas. And yeah, the saddest part of all, I gained weight again. Damn! I had not have a good jog since the cousin has a huge transformation on her job, work from day to night, everyday except Sunday, and she even need to work on public holidays. Dang! This job is killing and grabbing my cousin away from me. *sobs* 
Anyhoo, I'm so damn broke now. I've been spending too much, either on those e-shops nor boutiques. I promised to save, yes I did, but I'm sorry I can't. Everything is too tempting! Not forgetting the phone bills... I just frigging need a job right now! Was suppose to work in the coming Pikom PC fair, but it just clash with the Hong Kong trip, and yes Hong Kong. It's about money again! Listen to the ka-chings, growing wings and leaving my wallets! Awfully horrible! Too many events at two consecutive weeks. I mean like, Zara, Leftblock and Topshop sales? Who wouldn't be allured? Right? 

Bought the shirt for rm20 and curler for rm60 from Cheesie. Forget bout the shirt and just look at the curler, 60! Dirt cheap kay? Where to find? Got straightener somemore! You calculate yourselves. And for the ones who left her the message to reserve it, too bad, they are mine now. I was there like two hours late and you have sufficient time to grab 'em yet you didn't. Just, talking bout luck. :)
And Cheesie is just pretty. It's not like the first time I see her in real life, but first time talking to her and she just looks at me and talk, POLITE and SWEET can??? And yes again, don't need to photoshop also pretty. Damn, talking like a lesbian again

 The first two movies after two months not smelling the cinema, Happy Feet2 and You Are The Apple Of My  Eye. Damn popcorns and the aircond! Too awesome! :D Rating for the movies? Happy Feet just, MEH! Baby penguins are adorable for sure, but the storyline just sucks. So 1.5/5. The Apple movie is just everything good! I mean like, the leads are absolutely good looking, the storyline is damn great plus 99% based on true story, the side characters were in good choices too. Yes, 4.9/5. (SPOILER ALERT) Deducted the 0.1 cause the leads didn't get together. But yeah, based on true story, just too bad!

Had the best teriyaki pork burger in Lot 10, Hutong. Find Kissaten! Thick plus juicy pork burger equals to (Y). Just YAYness! Heh! And just look at the satisfied pig face down there. Yummeh! Hahaha.

YSL inspired ring, turquoise. (:

H&M inspired black white sheer top and just ignore fat butt, kthxbai.
PS- I'm too fluffy I can't swim. Oh yeah, Puffin! :D

signing off

love, J

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Most Desirable said...

Hi, i guess money makes the world go round. If we don't spend, nothing will ever be produced! Pls do read my story, thks:)