Friday, December 16, 2011

Bonne Voyage: Hong Kong 2011

Once again, I'm back from Hong Kong. This time round, we stayed for five days, and yes.. we didn't just walk around the Hong Kong island but the Kowloon side too. All I can say about Hong Kong railway service is just YAY-ness! To compare with those we have here in KL, total embarrassment. I see improvements here, but they still don't link to each other!! Which we will lose 18streets if you really wanna compare with Hong Kong. I mean, not only HK, look at Japan, Singapore and err.. Guang Zhou.. sooo much better! sigh. MALAYSIA, Y U NO LIDDAT?

Enough of ranting. I shall blog a bit for the first day I arrive there. 

Imagine if you can actually keep 'em in a bottle. (:
 Touched down after 4 hours flight. Took a bus from the airport to the Shun Tak Centre which is near the HK-Macau ferry terminal. And hop into a cab to the hotel at Robinson Road.  Check in, wash up and walked down the Central for dinner.

I hope I can have a car plate like this too. So kewl!

Stopped by a stall to buy some cheap and nice tights. Spent 400$ here. wtf. lol

Waiting to hop into a tramp. I enjoy going around the city with it, just.. nice. :)

Brother showing noobie face while waiting for the tram.

Had some claypot dishes here. I heard it's quite famous, well, not bad. :)

It's just like the claypot rice we have here, but with more varieties. :)

The Kailan is the good one. And pork rib too. Too busy eating, forget to snap picture.
Never qualified to be food blogger. LOLOL. #phail

Dessert after dinner. 
With up to 20 varieties!! Feel free to spot Choi Lan at the right bottom corner. 

I ordered this Walnut paste with egg. Requested for hard boiled egg. Cannot imagine how would it taste with raw egg....
Anyway, taste just good. :)

Lotus something something with egg. (I don't know why, but it seems like the owner loves adding egg into desserts)
It taste normal, not as good as the one I had last year in Causeway Bay. here Okay, I'm missing it again! 

Zara inspired blazer from Chic Chickk
Porky pig top from Uniqlo
Jeans from Padini Auth.

That's all for today. Gotta get ready for friend's church musical later. :) Have a great weekend ahead.

ps: currently working out on a new blogshop with mua girl friend. Will reveal more about it next time. ;)
love, J

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