Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback to 2011

Looking back to almost everything I've blogged this year and the last post of 2010, and also my photo albums. I'm grateful for everything. I mean, EVERY single thing. I don't know how should I say this, things weren't the same anymore, in a GREAT way for sure. (:


January: Was the worst and also the best month of 2011. I failed my exam, it was saddening, regret for whatever I did. I've let my mom down and also myself. But thank God, someone special appeared. A very special friend to me. Glitters and chandeliers. Life has been great since after his appearance. (: Also, went for the college's sports carnival and the unexpected things happen.

February-April: Celebrated my first Valentine's day. Received my first bouquet of roses. (: Get to know a very good friend, Doreen. Cammy's birthday and the girls went tipsy. MEMORIES! HAHAHA. Drinking session with the guys at the KLCC park after class. Slumber! Jiamin's birthday and happy! :D

May: Birthday and exam month! Awesome and suckish month. Urgh! Fraser hill.

June-August: Getting closer with the Awesomests. (: Sleepover at Lylia's, had fun with the girls! Picnic with the cousins. And yet another suckish month!

September-November: Shift to another new college. Anti-social life began, again! Exam month

December: Hong Kong trip! Penang and PD trip. (:

In conclusion, the starting and the ending of 2011 is really pleasant, tho shits did happen, but that's life. Look, I'm in a wonderful relationship, I have again met a few awesome friends, and also know who's my true friends. I used to think that the more the friends I have, I can be happier. But as I grow, I finally realized that I really don't need to many friends, keep those sincere ones will do, and I'm truly happy to have them.

There's this one day, I was really upset when I get to know some truth. Some people do not appreciate sincerity. I thought I was a really good friend to them, but end up I was just a friend who mind too much of their business. Not just one who disappointed me, but a few. I thought all the advice were good for them, but not appreciated. Then I realize, those aren't true friends. Yeah, years of friendship doesn't mean everything. At least, you still don't gain trust from them, and from that day onward I decided to not give a single fuck to these people. Guess what? My life is still amazing, cause I've found TRUE friends who appreciate me, and are truthful to me.

I've shift to another college. It was quite of a good start for me. Except I still haven't made any new friends, but I am really comfortable with that. And also, from what I heard from my cousins, they think I changed too. Somehow, making friends in a class creates distraction too. Yeah, agreeable. I might seem to be a very unfriendly person, but once you get to know me, talkative is my middle name. I've visited my previous college for several times, and met up with a few of ex-classmates. Clearly, my decision of changing college wasn't a good thing for them as I am a student from the competitor. But I like the change. I'm in a college that has a better environment, and no fucking dress code! No one gives a fuck if I ever wear a flip flops. And hell yeah, ATC-ians! You jelly? LOLOL.

But, when I look back into the time when I was studying there. Times were good. Really good. I have a bunch of awesome classmates. And I really like them. I never show, but that doesn't mean that I'm not happy with them. Cammy, JiaMin, Doreen, Shanny, Bryan, Raymond, Sylvester, CY, Gavie, Keith, Vincent and all others that names aren't mentioned. I miss and love you guys! The form of the memories I had in ATC.
And at this very last day of December, it's Sylvester's birthday! One awesome man from our intake that nobody could ever hate him! I mean like, literally NOBODY! Everybody loves Sylvester! :D Again, happy birthday man! The happy soul! :D

Years of friendships and I can never left you guys out. The reckless! :)
I'm still grateful to have you guys together. It had been really hard for me to adapt with the new people since after we graduate from school. I was too depending. But I learned to be independent. :) Thank you all, my love. Thanks for being with me all these time and still being supportive as ever. I might seem to be a very strong person in among all of you, but without you, I am nothing. There might be arguments between us, but believe me, the strong bond between us, we will never be apart. We have all grown up, we make new friends,  but remember me old friends, remember us. It has been some time since we last gather together, I hope you guys do well in life. Be happy. (:
To Caryn, Suelyn, Lylia, WeiMing, Taiko, Kenny, WeiYao, JiaLi, BoonAun, JJ, ZiLin, WaiPeng and etc!
Suelyn and Leslie, shall do our Elmo video soon!! :D

My family, I love you guys! Just love you guys for everything. Thanks for loving me. Especially my mum. Thanks for everything. Wouldn't have all the pretty things I have now if it wasn't you. :) Stay healthy, stay happy.

Last but not least, my boyfriend. The one who love me so much that other people can never do. We have been through all those hard times and things were really bad because I don't know how to appreciate your love. But thanks for being such a loveable man. If you weren't so stubborn, I think I would just end up #foreveralone. LOLOL. Remember my love, no matter how rich, handsome, popular or whatever shit other guys can be, no one will love me as much as you do. I love you. May our love be eternal. ❤

2011 has been really kind to me, so I please for a better one in 2012. (:

love, J

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