Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Narcissist is Necessary

After leaving my fringe growing for 12 months, i finally decided to chop 'em off as the parting seems to be balding. Tho I'm kinda attracted by bald guys like Kevnish from FM and Pitbull, but I don't wanna be bald, for now. I still don't have the courage to see myself bald. So yeahhh, after all the months of accompanying me... Goodbye my fringe,you've been good to me.

Thanks for making me have the look of cheerful, cute, cool and fierce at the same time. hahaha. you know i loved you. Just thank you. xx

And cheers to the bangs! You made me look as innocent as ever. lolol

look as tho the same age as the kids. LOLOL

cute as ever

having a perfect relationship with elmo. the toothless love birds monsters!

So this is how I love you my hair. No matter short or long. I'll bath you as often as I could. #smellsownhair and think #hairsmellsextremelygood! 

HAHA! I know I'm lame. Thanks for reading me. Will be away for a road trip with the boyfie's friends. Gonna meet new friends and have good food! Penang! You must have suffered without me. Stay there for my rescue! (:

ps:HATEbeinggirlatthisparticulartime.youredauntynevercomeontherighttime!tellmehowamisupposetogotothe beachwithyou?youeffingtellme!*showmiddlefingers

love, J


Nava.K said...

You are looking good and nice red hat to go with it.

Florence Loo said...

hello! you look good with the glasses :)