Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grant My Little Wishes

I know, it's too late to please the secret santa. But those are officially on my wishlist!

  • snake print sheer clothes. 
saw it on riotoffash. but too bad, hesitation probable is not a good thing! it's sold out. sigh. but i freaking love this. too bad! just too bad!! ): i hope i get to find something similar like this, or they restock?! i wish!

  • circle sunnies.
i remember i used to have one like that when i was a kid. you can even fake mickey ears with it. but it's kinda hard to find tho. 
  • NAKED palette, Urban Decay.
I am still really weak in applying eye makeups. Eyeliner and mascaras are totally fine, but not eyeshadow! Anyhoo, 2012! So I need to have a change, isn't it? Eyeshadow palette is exactly what I need have for the change. Actually, any brand will do, but it seems like NAKED from Urban Decay is a big hit. So yeahhh.....?! haha
  • Clubmaster Rayban
I already have one, but not in dark shade! It's hard to find, and it's kinda pricey. I mean like, something that I can actually get it for rm20, some shops are selling it at rm30. Like 50% more leh... I shall not bow to the overprice stuff!! No way!
  • Michael Kors watches
This is damn beautiful! Totally in love with it. The tone and all. Man, hen piao liang!!! I want!!

  • Casio gold
Saw the faux one on bid selling at the price of rm30. Should I buy or not? Hmm! Okay, I shall deal it, and get a tick on the list. Weehee!

Then again, I shall add something else on the list, rite? Okay, permission granted!

This is the thing that I wanted since forever! Boss Orange! I want this and wanna smells like Sienna Miller! Might as well be as hot as her. Gosh!!!

Okay, all and all, if you think I'm materialistic, not even close. But for now, YES! I need money, give me all the money in the world NOW!!!

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love, J


Nava.K said...

Yes, I will want the Urban decay, beautiful colors.

Shanny said...

I saw the mickey sunnies at Jaspal!! go check it out. and I'm waiting for naked color 2. blah =p