Monday, January 9, 2012


So from the trips, I'm back to reality. Worked for two days around bukit bintang doing survey job. It was harder than I thought. It was suppose to be easy if the guards and those management people don't chase us away, then we could have hit the target easily. It was suppose to be easier if it wasn't for those conman cheating there too! I wonder why are there more people who would get cheated than, you know, fill in the survey form for us? I know, angpau packet as free gift wasn't a big thing, but very cute angpau packet okayyyyy?!!
Some people are even worse, they just assume that we're the same gang as those conman! Like wth is wrong with your eyes and ears? We're a bunch of pretties okay? Those scammer all dark dark and look super lala one can? I fucking said 'we're doing a cosmetic survey', not asking you to write down your name and pay me and I give you a spoil pen! We're doing cosmetic survey, I don't ask for a single cent from you. I just need my boss to pay me! They are shameless people, and we still have our own dignity. There's this woman, I ask her to do the survey, she was like, 'I don't use make up' a lot of them said that, but I was fine, cause they really don't look like they are using any. But that one, her make up is like 5 inches thick man! You either think that I'm blind or you're really an idiot for making such a lie. Blurghhh!

And don't you show your lansi face to me as if I owed you huge amount of dollar. Learn to smile and just say 'no, thank you.' Is that too much to ask for? Seriously, I experienced it and most of those unfriendly people are Chinese. AMOI, Y U NO SMILE? I spit on your family's face is it?

And to those conman, Y U NO FIND PROPER JOB? Yeah, you earned a lot, but that's cheating.You only make people look down on you. I wonder how would your parents think if they know you're doing such 'job'. Remember karma, she's just right by your side. She's still doing fine with you? Well, we'll see then.

Whatever it is,  I have too much overdue post, but I've decided to just do a very short updates and also...

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