Thursday, January 19, 2012

Those Evil Liking Contest

Hello kind, pretty, handsome, beautiful generous people! Would you please spare some time and just you know help to hit the LIKE button? :) Pretty please!

Bowler hat from Sungei Wang
Round sunnies from Sungei Wang
Coke studs from Times Square
Diamonds and Cross double fingers rings from Forever 21
Bangles and Sleeveless white sheer top from Viva La Bazaar
Dark blue top and Letterman jacket from H&M
Denim shorts from Cotton On

So today, I took part on a liking contest on Facebook. Namely the 2012 Best Dressed Challenge. My friend messaged me on Facebook 2 weeks ago, informed me about this little contest going on the Sungei Wang's, Fashion City fans page. I thought it must be really fun, I even did a lil mix & match on the spot (in my mind). But somehow I was too lazy to do the 'shooting' myself, so I kinda forget about this little thing, till today when I finally looked up on the terms and conditions and the prizes! Holy mother of tau fu fa! Nothing attracts me more than MONEY! Oh dear Lord, you know I'm broke. Now that you're giving me a way out to have some spare money to spend. But again, I thought it must be hard to win. Cause the deadline is on the 23rd, which means only three days to go. Dafuq is that? I don't care, I still wanna participate even if I don't win! No! I wanna win! I need your help!

So you awesome people, ( note that I don't usually call anyone AWESOME. Just for today) just one click. Can you please be kind to me?  *insert puppyeyes.jpg*

HERE! I please you to hit the LIKE, and maybe SHARE it toooooo? :D

Y U NO LIKE YET?? GO NOW!! >> Here!

Thank you!

love, J

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