Monday, February 27, 2012

Triple Joys; Valentine's

February. Valentine's, anniversary and boyfie's birthday falls on the three continuous days. 14-15-16. I know right, so busy. But I just love it.

It was quite a tough noon for Drew. Cause he has to deal with all the arrangements, restaurant, flowers, deco, and not forgetting me. I mean, I'm one of the nonsense. Buahah! I didn't know that he has to rush up and down from the town to Puchong, and I get so grumpy that day cause he wants me to wait for him in the college for more than an hour. And mainly because he wants me to wear the dress to college, which I'm quite embarrassed of. Cause you see, I'm not those girls that enjoy wearing dress. I don't feel comfortable with it, but I still did. And guess what! I put on a sweater before I leave home, a Popeye sweater which I'm quite in love with, and... sweat so much wearing two freaking layers from home to college by public transports. Dafuq. This intro is getting so long-winded.

This is the surprise. Drew brought me to the Puchong's Asia Cafe, acting as if he planned nothing and the hawker food is all we gonna eat for the night. But thank God, me no stupid. I knew there must be something going on sooner or later. So I just wait. We even had rojak before we head to the main venue. Hahah. Poor boy, he must be real hungry. 

 The reason why we need to drop by at Asia Cafe, it's because the waiters need time to decorate the table for us. Heh!


 Okay, being a taurus which is really particular on money, I personally thinks that it's a waste to buy flowers on Valentine's. I told the boyfriend few times before the V-day, NOT TO BUY FLOWERS! But he still did, which is totally in my expectations. And thank God, he did not stupidly buy Sunflower for me, on that day. 
My econ lecturer once said, 'if someone wants me to celebrate V-day with her, she's probably too dumb for me. As all the things are doubled in price.' Which I also kinda agree la, but no! Drew is not dumb, he's too good for me! :) *kisses*


My salmon steak

Drew's lamb chop

 The food wasn't fascinating, but still good. I totally love it! Everything! The surprises, the arrangements! 

Stupid face! Hahah!
 While waiting for the bill, the waitress send the present to me. How sweet! :D
Guess what? 

A polaroid! :D
and a hand-written love letter + valentine's card from Drew. :) <3
Adidas watch from me! :D

These... kinda end the night. Had serious arguments that night, and thank God again that making our love so strong. I'm really thankful for everything. :) Big great love!

love, J


Nath said...

Wua didn't know Asia Cafe got VIP treatment, kinna miss my dinner/supper time there

Ken Wooi said...

very well done..! 3 important occasions on 3 continuous days are quite hectic in a way :)

♥ JOANN said...

not asia cafe my dear, it's a bar near AC puchong. haha

i know ken, it's really hectic.