Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back From ze Galaxy Spin

Hello there, lovely dolls. I'm back with one entry for this month, I guess. teehee. I have became lazier, after I get my iPad. I always have this emotion issues and I often blog, but since after I have that little devilish, and somehow angelic iPad, I can not blog and just Instagram. And it's somehow safer, because people that I would always complain about wouldn't know, and only I know who. *wink*

Anyhoo, my holiday has ended. Gotta get really serious this time. It's not like I haven't been serious, but not enough? Made myself study for like about at least 4-5 hours per day, and it is not enough still. I don't know, eventho I studied, my mind is still blank. Scumbag brain! 

That 3 months holiday is sucha heaven, but not any productive. Le sigh. Except that I have finally visited the zoo after 2 years of waiting, and finally went for a lovey dovey trip with ze boyfie.

After having all sorts of intense discussion, Langkawi Island it is. I almost thought that the plan could not work and I was so damn upset, until we finally booked everything. And Thank God the trip was all good GREAT! 

We went there by bus, It took around 7 hours plus for us to reach the Kuala Perlis Jetty. So le boyfriend decide to take a better bus ride, and I personally recommend Etika Express, as for those who are travelling night time. The seatings are comfortable, you can actually sleep thru the whole journey. The bus left at around 11pm from Pudu, and we reached Kuala Perlis at around 6:30am. Then we took the ferry to Langkawi. Landed the town at around 9am. Had simple breakfast. Then drove around before check in the hotel.

Lunch at Sun Cafe, near Cenang. Forgotten the exact place, so whatever. Omg, phail-est blogger on earth! But but!! The pumpkin soup is good. Actually, the food we tried are quite good. Price are just the same as KL food stuff. 

Cuteness overload!!!!

We then headed to the Laman Padi. They do have a museum, but we did not visit it but we managed to walk around the paddy field instead. It was quite a sight, but not much information. It is located at the Pantai Cenang.

Friendly reminder to all Malaysian friends, also if you are still a student, remember to bring along your student card and MyKad. You are entitled to a lil discount, not much, a few Ringgit, but you still save! :) See there? It is RM22 for student, and it was suppose to be RM28 or so. RM6 isn't big, but I cheapskate, I admit! With that RM6, I can buy myself two more Tsing Tao beer. Lolwtf.

Oh hey, Patrick! Is that you??! 

Ribbon jellyfish. There's three jellyfish'es'? here, but two are tied together. Poor thing. 

Duck face fish!

Dinner time!! The boyfie made a lil research before the trip. Wonderland seems to have higher popularity, and have many high reviews. It was pretty crowded that night we went, so we went to the next store (GLK) instead. It is right beside Wonderland. Located at the Kuah Town, just right in front of Bella Vista across the stream.
I was a lil disappointed at first because I was expecting to have our dinner at Wonderland, but no longer after the food is served.

I missed out the fish, but it was good. Everything is good. :) Especially the lala soup. I would rate 8/10 for GLK.

Then we went to Wonderland the next day. I have really high expectations on this, and that leads to disappointment. 

Not fantastic, that's why don't deserve their own portrait. Group photo will do.
Let's see, the sotong isn't those good sotong. The mantis... You can't even taste the meat. I guess the only thing I enjoy having on the table is the beansprout. Seriously, 3/10 and that's for the beansprout only. Okay, I'm damn mean, but it's all based on my personal opinion. 

The next day after breakfast, we headed to the Kilim Geoforest Park, was suppose to go for island hopping, but it was too pricey. I can't remember exactly how much does it cost, but that one hour trip is more or less RM 200. It would be more worthy if you were to go in a group. I'm not that adventurous people, that's why I would not want to pay for that money.

Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park
I really love going to the wildlife park, but bird park is really not my thing. I literally got freak out, for like every moment! Especially when the park rangers bring those birds to us for photoshoot. That moment, my heart really dies a lil.. :(

Moments like those above... I scream loudly deep down my throat! It's no weird thing that I'm afraid of birds okay? Friends often make fun of me being so afraid of these creatures. It's just like they are afraid of insects, and one even weirder... Afraid of fish.... You know who! Lolol.

But the weird thing is that, I'm totally fine with ducks and penguins. I think it's the feet and the peck. They are different from other birds, and they are cute! Unlike chickens.... *glare*

Head to the beaches after 'exploring' ze wildlife park. Lolol. Did this for the boyfie, and then he did nothing after taking picture... So unsmart... == So I have to request for the same thing.

PHAILED! Le sigh

Then to the Langkawi cable car. Nothing much. Just some sceneries, and the Skybridge was closed the day we went. Dafuq...

Someone has height phobia.... LOL

Back to the Cenang beach again. Other beaches are way too quiet... And Cenang beach is the best place to chill. :) Look there, boyfie catched me this little crab.

Hence, deserve a selca with it! :P Too cute!!

And... That's the end of this post! Moolahhh!

love, J

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