Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trust me, Malaysia is a wonderful place

Yes, it's true, and we all know it. But too bad that it's run by a bunch of blood suckers and morons who would occasionally make bad jokes out of us Malaysian. So that day I read thru a humorous article. It is a so called the 'guidelines to identify LGBT and their symptoms'. Funny as hell can??? What? Are you telling me that it's a disease or what that you can find out the symptoms out of it? Then what next? Get a doctor and heal them for being different? 

I know, right? That Dafuq did I just read moment! I bet most of the Malaysians, and other countries' citizen read thru this, and had a really good laugh (and Malaysians feeling ashamed). So you are saying those fit body guys are gay? Then might as well illegalize gyms?!! The awkward moment when I found out that I like to hang out, have meals and I feel extremely comfy to sleep in the company of female. Now what? Fuck myself I'm a lesbian?! I really had no idea I was lesbian. I've wasted so much time dating my boyfriend then! Perhaps I should switch target and go for my girl friends? Seriously?!!

Bitch please, what is that to give immediate attention for? No people like you one lo! So now I know what our parents taxes are used for #facepalm

People don't choose to be LGBT, they are different yet similar to all of us! All they need is love. Okay, put it this way, if there's this one day that my brother suddenly confess to me that he is a gay, I MIGHT be shocked and feel weird and all those negativity just storms in my head, but I will try to accept tho. None of those LGBT deserves mean treatment like being classified as abnormal beings. They are gay, they are lesbian, they are bi, they are trans, PROBLEM bitch? 

Please note that in your tiny mind, I have LGBT friends, but I'm not homosexual. Homosexuality is nature. If you are gay, you are. If you are straight you are! No matter how hard you change, you are who you are! Nothing to feel ashamed of! Vice versa, I'm a hetrosexual, I love my boyfriend, I'm attracted to hot guys (stalks hot girls most of the time), that's nature. How hard is that for human like you to understand this fact? Who are you being judgemental? Who are you to judge what's right and what's not?

I tell you what's not right, discrimination is! I haven't study Malaysian law till that extent, but as far as I know there's such a Human Rights Act that is against discrimination. Whether race, sexuality or gender. Malaysia is a civilize country. But those 'guidelines' made it rather illogical can. Not mentioning their hypocrisy. 

Dear God, this really makes me upset that our government could be so ignorant. Hey, hello there! How about you carry on a list to identify corrupted politicians? Ugh, this really gives me high bp.

Being homosexual is not a disease, it's neither a choice, it's a nature. What about me labeling your nature as a disease? Okay wait, I somehow classify my laziness a disease... Wtf.

And guess what, these guidelines are from the Education Ministry eh! Please, could you please not show your stupidity to the world? Sometimes, I honestly feel ashamed of my country cause of all this shit. But I still love Malaysia. Omg, I'm making irony out of myself now. God NOOOOOOO!

Last but not least, if you are a foreigner (or even local) who happen to read this.. Firstly, I apologize for the grammar errors, and excuse my rude behavior. Then, please make it clear that, us Malaysian aren't that ignorant or dumb, our government is. 

kthxbye *coverfaceandrun*

love, j

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