Sunday, November 25, 2012

Embrace Messy Hair They Say

Warehouse singlet, Dorothy Perkins top, Cotton On shorts, Tickles watch

Randomly bought that watch from Melbourne's pharmacy. I thought it was pretty cute and I actually do have matching watches with the two fav sisters!
I permed my hair earlier this year, but I don't really like how unnaturally curl it is therefore I give up maintaining it with all those hair products and stuff. I just let it be, curl and messy which often pissed my mom off. *GIGGLES* And yeah, there's split ends and all, but no, I don't care. I like it like that. Really. And tell you a lil dirty secret, I don't enjoy washing my hair. Thus, if I'm not heading anywhere, I would only wash them... Well, at least twice a week. Disgusted? HAHAHA! The only thing that gives me problem is the fringe. I really don't know what to do. That bald line is getting so obvious, so I guess it's almost time to visit the salon, might as well do a lil dip dye?! I am dying to do that! I saw a girl from my college dip dyed and it was perfectly gorge!!

xx, jo

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