Friday, November 23, 2012

Oxfords and Claws

Wednesday's #ootd with le Shan Shan. It seems like I'm wearing a skirt, but it's actually a dress and it was a bare back, but I decided to go a lil not too feminine, so I put on a checkers shirt and a pair of oxfords. And good news earthlings! Exam is over!!! HOORAYYYY! Trying to be more productive for this holiday. Zero ideas on what and where to work, so instead I'll make myself busy by learning something new. Can't wait to bake something again after years. I remember how I really used to love baking. We even baked for friend's birthday. Sweet memories. Accesories are from Jetedeesire. (: Super in love with the zippo anklet. Also, working on something new.

xx, Jo

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