Friday, November 2, 2012

So busy so little time

Three papers down and three more to go, this time should be the last #fingerscrossed. I really can't imagine what would happen if I can't get thru again. I'm so blessed that I have almost everyone on my back giving me all the support. Yet the laziness, le sigh. Even my tutor is more nervous than I am. Kept asking if I'm prepared for the papers, tell me where to focus on this that. I appreciate it all, I'm really thankful. Sometimes I just wonder what have I done the past life for I deserve good people around me. All the best friends and family T____T

Anyway, I'm having two weeks of study break in between exams, but I totally wasted 'em. So busy falling sick and doing other stuff. Geeeeee. Talking bout being ill, it's so tiresome. Forever pain and sleepy, 'I'm so weak' even funnier by telling this myself. But true story, I can no longer be that person who sleeps 3 a.m in the morning. This is so saddening, I really love getting things done in the middle of the night, but gawdNO, my body wouldn't let me. Dafuq!

Anyway, I'm moving to a new house soon. Been kinda busy buying new stuff and throwing unwanted stuffs. And then I just realized how much clothes I have yet I still feel that I don't have any wearable clothes. I know right, girls! Can't decide what to do with my room.Anyway, I'm happy with my wardrobe. :) It's the most important element in my room ok? So I chose what I want, and finally convinced my mom to let me have the open closet, because my room isn't big, not much space left for a built-in. I just can't wait to have the ability to earn more and finally to afford a house of my own so that I could use a spare room just to do the closet. Awh! Dream on.

And also, I'm thinking of to sell off my preloved clothes on my blog, Setting price around RM5-RM20?! Well of course the quality and the original price of it differs. Not too bad rite? (: Guess I'll just have to get my ass moving huh. Okay, okay. Soon, I promise. Just as soon as I finish my exam and sorting 'em preloved(s)!

Gotta get goin', screw you economics! I wish I could love you as much as law, so that I wouldn't suffer understanding you.  MEH!

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