Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Work, no?

*Ahem!* Excuse the ugliness

Feeling lost. 2 more paper to freedom. Been thinking of what to do after exam. Work, enjoy?! So I guess I'm really getting older huh. I'd never have all this concern, really. It's always either fun or enjoyment, after all it is just the same. Thinking of where and what to work as. Sales representative in boutiques? Dive into all the apparels and accessories. Or take up make up courses for fun and learning? And finally, today something catch my eyes. Being wedding planner should be hella fun huh? Okay, it's not just having fun. I could learn something, get inspired, and also gives blessing to all the love birds. How wonderful. (: Reminds me of what Caryn and I wanted to do. Heh!

xx, J

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